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A new digital experience - we have designed and implemented a new CMS system for Kirk Kapital that we now help them maintain.

Kirk Kapital was established in 2007, although its heritage stretches back to 1932 when Ole Kirk Christiansen started making wooden toys in his workshop. In 1934, Ole Kirk Christiansen began selling them under the now world-famous name, LEGO.

Today, imagination and creativity is what forms the foundation of Kirk Kapital business, who manage and expand family-owned capital, specialize in financial investments, and hold minority investments in several other large businesses.

With their motto being ‘We invest, collaborate, and create’, Kirk Kapital wanted a modern website to reflect their competences and further increase customer loyalty.

Based on this, Kirk Kapital sought to invest in a new digital system to improve the digital experience of their visitors around the world. This required a new and elegant website that was designed and visualized to reflect Kirk Kapital’s morals and values. 

The task was to create a user-friendly website with a new and custom web design. 

Kirk Kapital was looking for an experienced digital agency to improve their current digital presence in order for them to deliver an even more coherent, reliable, and valuable message as well as deliver the best possible experience for their visitors.

Therefore, Kirk Kapital reached out to Twentyfour with their vision of a new and custom website design, tailored to their needs. Also, Kirk Kapital needed experienced developers to implement the site and oversee maintenance afterwards. 

The task for Twentyfour was to highlight the story and experience that Kirk Kaptial offer their customers, using an easy and intuitive CMS-system. We set up everything in WordPress, as WP is very customizable, SEO-friendly, easy to scale up, and uncomplicated to manage – making it effortless for Kirk Kapital to add and update content, as per their request.

Backend of website
WordPress, PHP
DevOps tools
Other technologies
WPML, SSL Certificate, Google Analytics
6 months + on-going maintenance
47,332 lines
Dominik Chomicki Daniel Anzhela Ilieva


Twentyfour and Kirk Kapital collaborated in designing and creating a sleek, responsive website for Kirk Kapital that would reflect and represent Kirk Kapital’s values and business objectives fully. Twentyfour used only the most recent and updated version of WordPress and we created page templates and layout designs, in order for Kirk Kapital to be fully and independently able to operate their website as well as customize the content displayed on the frontend site.
Also, specific functionalities were set up for Kirk Kapital, such as: Standard setup of cookie policy acceptance, 404 page, favicon, and basic data collection tools such as Google analytics, tracking, and more. Quality assurance with further testing was conducted as the final part of the project.
As for the maintenance of the website, Twentyfour will make sure that the site is always updated as well as handle any downtime or potential errors that need to be fixed. In addition to that, Twentyfour set up a support voucher-system for maintenance and various assignments and updates.


Twentyfour built a complete digital solution for Kirk Kapital, making it easier to provide more engaging information on their website, leading to a more trustworthy and valued brand image.

The user-friendly and responsive CMS system, WordPress, makes it easy for employees to manage the new website when adding new content, images, descriptions, and more. Furthermore, Twentyfour set up a WPML (WordPress Multilingual plugin) on the site, meaning that Kirk Kapital can now run multiple languages on their site, enriching the customer experience.

To further trust in the brand, Twentyfour set up an SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection (https) between the website and the user, which is an important indicator for reliability of a website. 

The result is a sleek webpage that reflects the brand’s morals and enhances trustworthiness – and which embodies their core values: Invest, collaborate, and create.