A website in a health-crisis

Ellab is a well-established manufacturer of medical equipment, which has been operating since 1949. The issue was, as it is for many other companies, how to transition their digital profile into the new century.

They approached Twentyfour in regards to improving their website’s speed, improving their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and increasing their conversion rate.


The cure for the digital disease

After further evaluating the customers’ issues, Twentyfour found a plethora of potential improvements.

Primarily, we have created a new and modern WordPress website for Ellab. In conjunction with this we have worked on the following:

  • New and crisp design-profile
  • Loading times
  • User Experience (easier navigation on Ellab’s site)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Increased conversion rate of visitors on the website

Project Overview

Customer: Ellab

Project: Website, SEO & Conversion Rate

Hours: 10 months

Responsible: Andrius Bendikas & Fernando Ceres

See a video version of the case here!


See a video version of the case here!



Uplifting design and navigation



The design for Ellab’s website was improved by implementing modern design trends on their product pages.

As an example, this can be seen by the use of a systematic grid for the products.




Additionally, Twentyfour improved the navigation on the website significantly. Ellab has a complex and varied catalog of products, which is why it is essential that visitors of the website can navigate it with ease.

Twentyfour has split the menu into different sections, wherein each section contains several subsections with relevant content. The user can therefore easily gain an overview when browsing the site.


Teach a man to fish (...)

The general idea behind the project has been to create specially build modules, which Ellab themselves can implement on their WordPress website in the future. For example, if they have new products to showcase or changes in the existing pages need to be made.

To those of you familiar with WordPress the modules function like a page builder.


The crown jewel

The most important part of the project is the product finder. We have created a product finder, wherein Ellab’s visitors can decide what parameters to use when searching for a product. Here as well, Ellab can decide which parameters they want their visitors to be able to input. Anything from temperature, or whether it has to be a checkbox or categorizing; Ellab controls the show.