We can build virtually anything that's digital

At Twentyfour, we have 35+ talented and skilled employees with great technological know-how and a passion for helping companies achieve the greatest results and user experiences.

For a number of years, we have successfully helped large as well as small businesses transform their business ideas, plans, and various business concepts into reliable, modern, and tailored digital solutions with great user experiences.

Our success is built on creating value for our customers and our customers’ customers, by developing, integrating, and maintaining complex systems and websites.

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We are built for large-scale projects

We can build virtually anything digital, wherefore our clientele has grown wider and wider over the years. However, there are three groups that we are particularly good at helping:

three-column-icon Wholesalers and e-merchants


We have helped several wholesalers optimize and digitalize their sales processes in order to save resources. This is done by, amongst other things, identifying the workflows that bring added value and cutting the workflows that do not. Have a look at what we did for Løwener or F&H of Scandinavia.

three-column-icon Businesses using ERP systems


Most often, the ERP-system will be the heart of the business to which other systems must be connected. This integration of business critical systems is Twentyfours forte. We help businesses that use ERP-systems ensure that their customers are getting the most out of the ERP-system. As an example, have a look at our case from Nupo.

three-column-icon Large organizations


Our competent Business Advisory Team along with great technical capabilities has led to numerous collaborations with large organizations and institutions. As examples, have a look at our cases from Destination Bornholm, BLAST Pro Series, DR Koncerthuset, or Telia.


I am always ready for a chat

If you need our help or just want to chat about your business idea, plan, or concept, please do not hesitate to contact me.

+45 42 41 61 60 or ras@twentyfour.dk

Rasmus Aagaard, CEO & Partner

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The beginning of a digital agency

A lot has happened since Twentyfour first opened its doors in 2010. Bo Møller, CEO of Twentyfour, is the very definition of an entrepreneur and has been starting his own companies since he was just 12 years old. Being an entrepreneur has brought him and his companies many exciting places, but for the past several years, Bo’s companies have all had one thing in common: they have all been specialized in software and web development.


When Bo established Twentyfour in 2010, other agencies, companies, and organizations quickly took notice and Twentyfour received numerous assignments. During the first two years, 10 employees were hired and the office on Refshaleøen was replaced with a larger office at Prags Boulevard in Copenhagen.


Since then, several more competent employees have joined the team, including Mikkel Strunge, Head of Development and Rasmus Aagaard, Head of Account Management, and today, the +35 employees of Twentyfour have moved to the shared office facilities ‘24Labs’ on Strandlosvej, Amager.

Professionalization and strategical changes

Since its beginning, Twentyfour has experienced rapid growth, but especially 2013 and 2014 will be remembered as the years of significant strategical changes. By intensifying the work done using Umbraco, WordPress, Joomla, and Dynamicweb, Twentyfour moved away from solely being a subcontractor.

Focus on business critical projects

2015 was an equally important and exciting year for Twentyfour. In 2015, we went from being the ‘secret weapon’ of Danish agencies to be in direct competition with the larger agencies. 2015 was also the year that Twentyfour introduced operation- and hosting agreements as well as operation of business critical systems.


Twentyfour established its first firm agreements with 50 companies on operation- and hosting of large business critical systems, which led to Twentyfour’s first Børsen’s Gazelle Award in 2015.

Software agency focused on development, integration, and maintenance of complex systems and websites

Today, more than a decade since it all started, we are a digital agency focused on software that develop, integrate and maintain complex systems and websites – which has been achieved through sheer hard work.


Over the years, we have built more than 1,000 projects for C20-listed companies, international institutions, banks, wholesalers, and a variety of other exciting clients in various industries.


In 2018 to 2019, we developed projects and established operation- and hosting agreements with Blast Pro SeriesDestination BornholmDR KoncerthusetGlyptoteketMond of Copenhagen, to name but a few.

HTML24 becomes Twentyfour

It’s been more than a decade since we first started, and we are still expanding rapidly. And loving it.


Each year has had positive results, exciting projects, super talented staff and extremely satisfying challenges. We have spent a lot of energy on identifying and articulating what exactly it is that drives us – and what we do best.