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Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) develops a responsive and engaging website for the BLAST Pro Series; one of the most explosive and entertaining live eSports events

When the dust settles, only the victor will stand

The Danish eSports organization, RFRSH Entertainment, is in charge of arranging huge international CS:GO pro-tournaments. In the BLAST Pro Series, only the best and most highly skilled teams will battle for glory and honor.

With TV ratings better than the Olympic Games and Eurovision, BLAST Pro Series has managed to reach a new milestone for eSports audience with the latest CS:GO World Championship tournament.

The event was broadcasted on 15 TV channels (including the Danish national TV channel DR3) in 80 countries to a total of 180 million households worldwide.

The objective

As eSports is a rapidly growing phenomenon, the events will be watched by millions of fans across the world. Since eSports is constantly evolving and its ever-growing popularity, RFRSH sought to build a new and responsive website for its active gamers and spectators.

Because of our many years of experience in web development, BLAST Pro Series has chosen Twentyfour to deliver its new digital experience.

Proper project management is a necessity when awesome technology is to be created. RFRSH Entertainment has stated (Translated from Danish):

“Twentyfour’s project management through Basecamp was both efficient and manageable. We’ve been very pleased with the close daily cooperation, dialogue, and weekly Friday status’.“ – Julie Sofie Schytter, Product Manager, BLAST Pro Series.

The new blastproseries.dk aimed to be:

  • Modern and responsive.
  • High security and user-friendly.
  • Maximized in speed.
  • Performance optimized.
  • Reliable and scalable.

With a new website and a modern interface, BLAST Pro Series is able to deliver entertainment, media content, and the greatest moments for the CS:GO players and fans.


Visit Blast Pro Series here!

Backend of website
Wordpress, PHP
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Other technologies
Responsive webdesign, JavaScript
On going
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Daniel Petersen, Daniela Popescu

The result

Twentyfour has implemented the new website, which helps visitors from all over the world interact and communicate with BLAST Pro Series. This includes sharing media content, events, and competitions – all related to the great CS:GO tournaments.

It has truly been a pleasure working with RFRSH Entertainment! We look forward to much more eSport!

Fully responsive

“We are very pleased with our cooperation with Twentyfour, and we are confident that our visitors will have a great experience on our new website. The website is responsive and user-friendly, so CS:GO fans worldwide can easily find information about BLAST events and tickets.” – Nicolas Estrup, Director of Product, RFRSH.

Our team of developers ensured that the website is accessible via all browsers and platforms, making it fully responsive. This will allow visitors to access the website from various screen sizes while maintaining layout and consistency in the user experience.

The successfully delivered website resulted in continuing cooperation between RFRSH Entertainment and Twentyfour. Twentyfour will maintain the website, keeping the site up and running and always up-to-date.