Get a carefree maintainance agreement with us

When digital solutions are developed and integrated, everything should be fine, right? Well…

At Twentyfour, we strongly believe that optimizing and maintaining your digital systems and websites is equally important to achieve a good result.

That is why we offer a maintenance agreement – so you can always be confident that your systems are up and running. Our automated monitoring ensures that your digital systems and websites are operational 24/7 – so that you can always give your customers the best experience.


Let us take care of operating, updating, and developing

Developing a scalable and interesting website to support your business is a tough process. We have developed more than 1000 projects since 2010, so we are very aware of your challenge.

We have developed numerous projects for Unity TechnologiesHODDONG Energy (Ørsted), colleges, schools, trade unions, and other major companies for whom a well-functioning web system is critical. Several of these companies have SLA or DevOps agreements with Twentyfour.


Lack of maintenance puts your site at risk

It is often the case that many of our and our competitors’ customers choose to use a substantial amount of money on a great web system or website – but without making sure that the system or site is maintained. This puts the site at great risk of being hacked or going down due to outdated systems.

We want to change this. So, have us take care of the maintenance of your systems and:

  • Get increased security and stability on your site.
  • Avoid worrying.
  • Save time.
  • Spend that time on your business’ growth and profit.

This is what you will get with our maintainance agreement


three-column-icon Ongoing updates

At Twentyfour, we constantly update your website and systems. This is, of course, to ensure that your digital business is constantly running optimally  – but also for security reasons, as sites that are not updated regularly are at greater risk of being hacked.


three-column-icon Speed optimization

Speed is now alpha and omega for webshops and websites. Even with the best offer, you risk losing your least patient customers to a slow-loading website. With speed optimization from Twentyfour, we ensure that your website is constantly loading and running optimally.


three-column-icon Daily backup

Find peace of mind with our automatic and daily backup of your entire website, database, and systems – and also, have it all easily restored if the worst happens. Our daily backup system ensures that all your systems, databases, etc., will always be in safe hands.


three-column-icon Backup to own location

With a maintenance agreement, we offer you two types of backup features:

1. The daily backup, which will always be in our database, keeps it safe in emergencies.
2. Back up to your own location, so you can have your own backups on a USB, hard drive, or somewhere else.



three-column-icon Monitoring

Twentyfour offers all of our customers a monitoring agreement. In short, this agreement involves us monitoring and safe-keeping your entire website, database, and systems 24/7 to ensure they are all running optimally.


three-column-icon Your own test domain

As the name suggests, a test domain will let you test your sub-website before publishing the finalized website to the public.


three-column-icon SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a way to make sure your website is a safe place for your customers to be. It is a form of encryption protocol that ensures that only the sender and recipient can read the information sent between the two. At Twentyfour, we offer all our maintenance agreements an SSL certificate.

With an SSL certification, the risk of losing your customers because they are worried about their personal information is significantly lowered.


three-column-icon CDN

CDN (content delivery network) is several servers working together to make the network they are connected to faster. So, simply put, CDN is a way to improve the load time of your website by minimizing the distance between the customers on your website and your website’s server. This can, as an example, be very rewarding when dealing with pictures, videos, and other heavy files, and we offer this to all our customers.


three-column-icon Support

With a support agreement with Twentyfour, help will always be at your fingertips. If you need to add a new feature, integrate a new system, or do something entirely different, we can help. We will ensure that everything runs optimally – based on your needs and wishes.

+200 maintenance agreements

Have been made with our customers, ensuring that their systems and websites are operational 24/7


A project process that ensures the desired results

We will help create the best result for you and your business – and to do that, we need to utilize our various competencies.

Of course, it all depends on how we can help you – but in our project process overview, you can get an idea of the path from your idea to the final result.

A complete operating solution


International e-sports events with millions of viewers

Share the moment! Twentyfour has implemented a website that helps visitors from around the world interact and communicate with Blast Pro Series. This includes sharing media content, events, competitions, etc.
"Our stable collaboration with Twentyfour has been indispensable when we host e-sport events for millions of viewers around the world several times a year"
– Julie Sofie Schytter, Product Manager, Blast Pro Series

Problems saved is money earned

At Twentyfour, we believe in problem-solving and performance. Therefore, looking at how we can minimize our customers’ problems while increasing earnings is natural. One of the most often neglected areas is the operations and updates of business-critical web systems.

We receive new customers every month with questions such as:

  • Our systems have not been updated in 3 years, and now we are unsure how to move forward.
  • Our website has just been hacked (or infiltrated with malware), and we must get it online again.
  • We don’t understand why our website is so slow. It has gotten slower and slower.
  • We can’t use the new functions in WordPress (or Magento, Umbraco, Dynamicweb, or something similar).

This does not only happen to small and medium sized companies

These problems do not only happen to small and medium-sized companies. Even Mærsk has been hacked because it failed to update its sites!

»Many of these (hacker) attacks come down to the people. With updates, we tend to think that we can do it tomorrow or in a month because it is inconvenient and delays the things we need our computer for. But it can prove pivotal for an attack like this that takes advantage of such a lack of updates. «

– Keld Normal from the IT security company Dubex.


Do you need help with your website or online system?

Our office in Amager houses many skilled employees ready to assist you with your website or online system. Twentyfour has existed since 2010, and today, we manage the systems for some of the largest companies, organizations, and institutions in Denmark.