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Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) helps Unity Technologies get a complex blog universe to function optimally. The WordPress blog is an essential communication channel for the games giant's customers and fans worldwide.

There is not exactly a lack of technical competence in-house at Unity Technologies, who is behind the leading game development platform Unity, yet the company has chosen Twentyfour to handle the ongoing development of the Unity WordPress blog.

Although we are a technically strong company, we cannot be experts in everything, so we needed to work with someone with deep expertise in WordPress. The most important thing was that they could move fast and solve tasks efficiently – and Twentyfour could do all of that” says Kristyna Hougaard, Social Media Manager at Unity Technologies.

Unity’s blog universe is quite complex with numerous features, many users, and many languages. At the same time, the blog should function with the same database setup as the company’s other websites.

Our whole community – that is, blog, forum, and feedback system – are the core of the business. We have 400,000 visits per day, so it is important that the whole platform functions perfectly. The blog is our external voice and an effective platform to reach all users at once, so it’s a really important piece.” says Kristyna Hougaard.

Unity Technologies has used Twentyfour for a fundamental improvement and to debug the blog. Specifically, among other things, Twentyfour acted to correct problems with images not displaying, to properly embed YouTube videos that could not play, and to filter improper comments that were blocked from the comments section. Subsequently, Twentyfour provided continuous support for changes and updates, so the blog always functioned as desired.


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The challenges, which Unity Technologies experienced with their blog, were partly due to the database setup that the blog operated with. The blog is part of a comprehensive website and when something is being changed elsewhere on the site, it can consequently affect the way that the content and functionality of the blog behave. Twentyfour, therefore, adjusted the blog so it worked relative to the server configuration and the rest of the site.

Unity’s existing plugin for language versioning was no longer supported so Twentyfour replaced it with a new version in the form of qTranslateX to ensure that the blog would work in seven languages. Errors in image galleries were corrected and problems with embedded YouTube videos and errors in the comment module were fixed.