Our products and investments

We want to be here for many years to come – and also, we want to create as much value as possible! Therefore, we’ve build products that we believe create massive value to our customers. Also, we’ve made a number of investments in industries we really believe in.


three-column-icon Small tools

We have developed some small tools to make our lives easier – and that helps us do our job in the best way possible. Our developers in Twentyfour are passionate about their work and it is this passion that has lead to a bunch of small tools that assist is on our everyday.


three-column-icon Products

We develop our own products to continuously become better at what we do. In doing so, we also create the most value for our customers. Our own products are custom made by our team and designed to solve concrete challenges – or to streamline processes we work with a lot.


three-column-icon Investments

We also invest in companies we see possibilities in and that we believe in. When we acquire companies, we do it because we believe that will increase the value we can deliver to our customers. Through our investments, we specialize and ensure that all our competencies come into play.

Small tools

Our mantra in Twentyfour is solving problems. We are passionate about solving our customers’ problems as quickly and effectively as possible – and that’s why we’ve created a number of tools to help us do exactly that. Everything we’ve developed is developed to eliminate ‘stupid work’ and streamline, digitize, and automate our workflows.

Robot Downey

Meet Robot Downey - our helpful bot. Robot Downey's mission is to scan your website every 5th minut and inform you, or us, if your website or server is down. And that's not even all Robot Downey does. You can also use our bot for things like checking bitcoin prices or getting a good Chuck Norris joke.

Our iPad receptionist

We love automation and digitization! And that's something our visitors feel immediately. We have developed a robot receptionist that greets all our visitors. Our robot receptionist is an integrated part of our office - and a clever way to utilize software to optimize workflows and better the customer experience.

Foosball Management System

Are you a developer, crazy about foosball, and would you like to take the competition with your colleagues to the next level? At Twentyfour, we have developed a PHP based foosball system to track the development when we play foosball with our colleagues. Our Foosball Management System is open source as we'd like to share the joy that comes from intense, collegial, competition.

PHP framework for WAYF

WAYF is a school log-in used by, amongst other, Danish universities. With WAYF, you can use your username and password for your institution to gain access to services that are not operated by the institution itself. At Twentyfour, we have developed an open source tool that makes it possible to talk to WAYF using PHP. This makes it possible fo rus to help you broaden log-in options.

Tailored plugins


At Twentyfour, we almost always work with tailored plugins to create the best solutions for our customers. Here are the plugins we have particularly good experience with using to create value – but of course, this can be tailored to fit best with your specific project.


301 Redirect Plugin – WordPress + Umbraco


The 301 redirects is really useful when we design and develop a new website for a client who already have a website. This plugin helps with quickly redirecting visitors from the old urls to the new urls and thus, helps manage and create 301, 302, 307 redirects. The plugin can also be used if the content on your website is reorganized or when your site has content that expires and you wish to avoid sending visitors to a 404 page. Also, this is really good for SEO as this lets Google now that there are changes to the domain. With this plugin, SEO and the visitor experience is improved.


ITP Upgrader Plugin – WordPress + Umbraco


ITP Upgrader Plugin is a plugin developed by our developers in Twentyfour.  This plugin was developed when Apple made new restrictions that meant that cookies would expire after two weeks. This made longterm tracking impossible! Therefore, we developed a plugin that can upgrade cookies on Safari browsers so that it is still possible to track – and longterm track.

Autosuggest Search – WordPress + Umbraco


This plugin lets you provide the user with auto search suggestions based on the information entered in the search field. We use search bar in almost all of our projects, depending on the budget of the project we create more or less complex search functionalities. This plugin is really useful when developing complex search functionality without having to code everything from scratch. However, this plugin have some limitations, so sometimes we have to code the search functionality from scratch – but we’ll take care of that as well, no problem.

Ventures, partnerships, and investments

Everything we do, we do so that we can do a great job. This does not only show i our tools and plugins, but also in the companies we start, invest in, and work with. We have existed since 2010 – and we plan to be here for many years to come. That makes it important to continuously think about how we create the most value to our customers – both in our developments and our investments.

Our own ventures

We, e.g., own the company KOEBT which is a data integrations service. KOEBT is developed by Twentyfour and put in this world to automate and digitize all the integrations we create and host for our customers. We saw an increased need to have systems communicate, and the more systems that needed to be integrated, the more work we had to do. Therefore, we developed a system that can integrate all systems. With KOEBT, your systems only need to communicate with one system to gain all the advantages of a complete data integration.


We invest in companies we believe in. And that’s exactly why we can offer every imaginable software solutions that our customer would need. We have, e.g. invested in the company, Triptale, which has now been acquired by Twentyfour. With Triptale, it is possible for us to offer complete mobile solutions to the travel and tourism industry. Triptale works with everything from mobile strategy to app development and helps both private and public entities show off their best offers and services through a custom made app.


We are always interested in finding like-minded partners who can inspire us and help create the best solutions for our and their customers. Therefore, it was also natural for us to start a partnership between Triptale and ABF to create the best website solutions to housing associations in Denmark. For ABF, it was important that they could offer customized websites to all their housing associations, and this is why they reached out to us. We have developed a customized template with everything the association and its visitors would need.



KOEBT  is an integrations service used by DR Koncerthuset, Rigsarkivet, BUPL, Destination Bornholm, and GA-Import A/S, to name but a few. KOEBT is developed and owned by Twentyfour.

KOEBT is put into this world to make your job easier! We do so by creating a full integration between all the systems you need – e.g. your webshop and accounting system. This automates workflows and minimizes errors in the process. The KOEBT technology has a number of valuable functions that minimize the workloads, simplify workflows, and better the customer experience with your website, products, and service.


24labs - a coworking space with the possibility to network

24Labs is a coworking space run by Twentyfour. The decision to create a coworking space was based on a desire to move in with our sister-company, EasyPractice. Since then, we’ve invited more companies to join, such as resOS, Eatie og SavvyRevenue. We are always interested in, and curious to, talk to like-minded companies – and maybe welcome them to our coworking space.



Triptale is a company that was acquired by Twentyfour. With Triptale, we deliver mobile applications that create greater attachments to your brand.

Triptale develops, maintains, and sells mobile solutions to the tourism, hospitality, and event industry. With Triptale we have e.g. developed a, if we may say so ourselves, really cool solution for Destination Bornholm – and it is this type of customer, Triptale focuses on. Also, typical customers include museums, amusement parks, sports clubs, and so on.



Boligforeningsweb is a partnership with ABF. With Andelsboligweb, we’ve made a template for housing associations to give them a website that fits to their exact housing association – quick and easy! All website specialists in Andelsboligweb have years of  experience with website development and know exactly what works for both the associations and its visitors.

Want to join with a new venture?

We is always on the lookout for new partnerships and ventures across the world in order to innovate new tech that can make the world a better and easier place to live in.