Meet Robot Downey Junior – Our server monitoring bot!

Ever get frustrated with technology when it doesn’t work? 

Well, so do we. We all know that feeling of frustration when technology just doesn’t seem to work and you can’t find a reason why. When it comes to maintaining and operating websites, there are many things that need to be overseen, and none overlooked as the goal is to have everything running as smoothly as possible. But, as we all know, sometimes things can go temporarily wrong. A frequent problem would be the web servers simply being down.

We have, however, experienced these same frustrations – and since we hate ‘stupid work’, we created a solution for it. As a software agency that maintains different solutions for our customers, the key for us is to realize the issue as quickly as possible. If you don’t monitor your website frequently, you could be disappointing some of the visitors, even possible customers on your website. We figured that this constant monitoring would take up too much time – Therefore, we created the perfect robot to do the job for us – and could for you as well. 

Introducing the server monitoring bot.

At Twentyfour, we love solving problems – and software maintenance is exactly where we specialize. With that in mind, we have someone we want you to meet. 

Robot Downey Junior

Robot Downey Junior’s mission is to scan your website(s) every 5 minutes and let you know if your site or server is ever down. This means more time to focus on what really needs to be done, rather than having to manually observe or check up on websites constantly. We are happy to help – and so is Robot Downey Junior!

Robot Downey Junior will send a notification when a server is down, to either us or your own developers, through e.g. Slack or Microsoft Teams within minutes. Through our automated monitoring, we ensure that your website and systems are constantly updating and running optimally – helping you focus on taking care of your customers.

Robot Downey Junior helps us solve server issues very quickly!

With our system monitoring bot in place, your server is never down for too long. Our amazing bot design, Robot Downey Junior, is here to help – catching the problem quickly and notifying accordingly.

After all, that is our passion here at Twentyfour – solving problems.

Adjustable to any communication platform.

Robot Downey Junior can be integrated to any communication platforms you prefer – be it with Microsoft Teams, Slack or Skype. No need to change where your team communicates – just let us know where you want Robot Downey Junior to send his notifications. 

Or don’t. 

Robot Downey Junior is very flexible. You have the option of either having him notify you directly about the problem so you and your developers can solve it – or sit back and relax while Robot Downey Junior notifies us at Twentyfour about the server problem and we will fix it for you – you won’t even have to know there was a problem in the first place 😉 

Allow yourself to focus on other important matters while Robot Downey Junior oversees that things are running as smoothly as they should be.

Want to meet Robot Downey Junior?If this sounds interesting to you, do not hesitate to send us a message – info@twentyfour.dk