Everything that can be digitalized, will be digitalized

Simply put, digitalizing your business means changing your current heavy manual processes into optimized and digital processes. So, to digitalize, you have to embrace new digital solutions and integrate these into every aspect of your business. This will give your customers the best possible experience.

Regardless of whether this spikes fear or confidence in you, there is no denying that digitalization is no longer a thing of the future – it is perhaps the most important challenge facing businesses today.

Digitalization will change not only how you think – but how you run your business.


We're based on a solid business understanding

But then what if you’re not a digital native – or if you’re just better at other things?

Many manual processes and a lack of IT systems hinder growth in many of the companies we are helping. They need to streamline various processes to improve quality and make their business-critical systems a competitive advantage rather than an obstacle.


And this is where we can help!

We are helping businesses, organizations, institutions, and foundations, of all sizes digitalize, optimize, and automatize both simple and complex sites and systems. We do this through our three key areas that all digitalize manual processes:


1. Web development.

2. Integrations.

3. Maintenance.


These three can work independently or in conjunction with one another – and they are the foundation for digitalizing your business.

1. Web development

Through web development, we can help you build the actual digital system. Whether you need a small webshop, self-service systems, or you need to develop ERP systems, we can help you solve your digital challenge.


Read how we have helped Nupo.

2. Integrations

We can help you integrate your digital systems, making them communicate with each other automatically. This, in turn, will optimize the efficiency of your digital systems.


Read how we have helped Mond of Copenhagen.

3. Maintenance

We all know that technical errors happen. And most of us can probably recognize the frustration that comes from dealing with technology that is just not working. This is why it is not enough to create a website, webshop, etc., and then make these systems communicate with each other – it needs to be maintained.

Our automated monitoring ensures that your website and systems run optimally and are constantly updated – so you can take care of your customers.


Read how we have helped Amnesty International’s Danish department.


+ 10 million

People use the products we create for our customers each year


Dynamics NAV, AX, C5, WooCommerce, NemID, FMK, Uni-Login?

The solution begins with preliminary meetings through which we gain a thorough understanding of your business, processes, and the problems that need fixing. Also, of course, how we can best digitize your company.

We will also have to talk about codes, platforms, etc. Still, most importantly, we will focus on replacing the heavy workflows holding you back with new and increasingly value-adding processes.


Our solutions make your job easier

An example of one of our solutions is our work for Danske Vandværker. We have integrated its website, ERP system, and webshop, which made it possible to digitize several otherwise time-consuming workflows.

For the wholesale toy dealer, GA-Import A / S, we developed a solution using our integration service, KOEBT, which optimized both internal processes and customer service. We built a Umbraco webshop and integrated it with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, making it easier for customers to put in orders. In order to do away with gigantic and expensive paper catalogs, we developed an iPad app. This is used by sales staff on customer visits to complete orders.


Not solely ERP-integrations

The possibilities for data integrations are endless. Apart from our many ERP integrations, we have developed Uni-Login solutions for RigsarkivetModulus, and NemID integrations for BUPL and FMK integration for Apotekeren.dk.

The days of time-consuming, duplicated work are over!

Sectors we are helping

We work with institutions, funds, trade unions, and large and small Danish companies.


Trade unions, public institutions, funds, and institutes

We have helped BUPLRigsarkivet, Danmarks Nationalbank, and Kirk Kapital, to name a few.


Tourism organizations, destinations, event companies, and hospitality industry


Wholesalers, e-merchants, and private companies