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New user-friendly website with several system integrations to match the desired level of service. The modern and responsive website was created to improve members’ experience as well as establish trust and credibility.

BUPL is a union for the personnel within the education fields, such as teachers, kindergarten teachers, and supporting staff. With more than 60,000 members today, it’s a trustworthy institution with know-how, established on 1st of January 1973. The union fights for the rights of its members regarding legislature, employment, pensions, and so on. BUPL exists for its members, making its value proposition to listen to them – this means that the power of decision is in the members’ hands. It’s a democratic community that is divided into several governing political forums as well as organizations for pedagogic students and pensioners.The members also have the opportunity to influence BUPL’s development by being engaged in membership surveys and by participating in professional and political workshops.

BUPL’s goal is to reach its customers’ expectations and to keep them satisfied at all times. In order to do so, the union felt like it needed to replace its outdated website with a new one that is responsive and user-friendly and has an appealing design and layout. Also, to fulfill the desired level of service, BUPL needed to change its system extensively and had to integrate new systems to provide a safe and seamless experience for members and staff. As the union deals with big data on several platforms and manners, it’s vital to show the members that its website is safe and reliable.

Consequently, BUPL reached out to Twentyfour and asked for our help with a new responsive website and with integration of new systems, all focusing on the union’s vision. Twentyfour has previously worked with several unions and has the experience to align BUPL’s values with its new website. The website will have improved user experience and provide the users with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. As for the perks that come with integrating the existing systems with new ones, it will minimize human errors and save resources.


The focus is to improve the experience of the union’s members by decreasing the case processing time. BUPL desired a new, modern, and responsive website and Twentyfour delivered.

The first step from the process is a workshop between Twentyfour and BUPL where they discuss and collaborate the new implementations according to BUPL’s values. These values are discussed between the two, which gives Twentyfour a better understanding of the way to implement the new changes.

The next step is implementing the previously discussed changes, which is done in a clear and efficient manner since Twentyfour’s employees are always aligned. The implementation basically lies in the coding of the new website and in the designing process of it.

Overall, Twentyfour promised to deliver the following:

  • Responsive website on desktop computer, mobile, and tablet
  • New website with appealing design and layout
  • WordPress website easy to manage by BUPL’s employees
  • Q&A page for members, reducing the time spent in customer support
  • Improve case processing time by integrating Modulus DMS with the new website
  • Integrate NemID for a secure log in
Backend of the website
WordPress, PHP
DevOpS Tools
Other Technologies
Maintenance of website, SSL, Cookie information solution
Approximately 6 months + running tasks afterwards
Lines of code
Clovis, Lars, Joakim

The project

The new website for BUPL is created in WordPress and it includes PHP, a general-purpose scripting language for web development. The reason behind choosing WordPress is that it’s an efficient and easy-to-use platform, allowing BUPL’s employees to make changes and customize the pages according to the vision. The website is responsive on all devices, whether it is accessed from a desktop computer, mobile, or tablet.

The design and layout of the pages are chosen to fit the union’s value proposition. The colors from the website are the same as BUPL’s logo, maximizing the impact on the users. The design is elegant and appealing, turning the website into a professional, trustworthy platform where members can easily find what they need.

To reduce the processing time, Twentyfour integrated the Modulus DMS System. It also streamlines the internal process, ensures uniform data, and turns the flow into a more user-friendly one. For BUPL it works in the way that it allows members to fill out forms directly from the website, by connecting it to BUPL’s online membership platform.

For a safer website and a secure access to information and personal data, Twentyfour used NemID and obtained an SSL certificate for the website. To help BUPL maintain its website’s safety, Twentyfour and BUPL have a maintenance agreement. It states that Twentyfour is always in charge of securing the website as well as keeping it up to date with the latest technological updates. This ensures optimal speed and reduces some risks, such as errors on the website, slow response times, and unexpected downtime.

The solution

All of the previously mentioned systems are beautifully integrated with KOEBT, Twentyfour’s integration engine that transfers data between systems. KOEBT handles all the tasks seamlessly from different systems or platforms after they are configured.

KOEBT simplifies BUPLS’s workflow by reviewing the union’s needs when connecting multiple systems between each other. Whether the systems are already in use or not, KOBT makes sure that it provides the best results in integrating the systems for effortless operations. In order for BUPL to have an easier daily workflow, KOEBT sends the right data to the right systems at the right time, once the integrations are in place.

By connecting all the systems BUPL has, KOEBT brings several advantages, such as:

  • Saving time and resources
  • Automating processes for accurate operations
  • Minimizing human errors
  • Speeding up processes

The solution consists of a user-friendly responsive website with an appealing design that serves the members by offering them a professional platform to communicate with the union – but it also serves BUPL by being a window to its operations and public image. Part of the solution is KOEBT; the integration engine that made all the workflows easier for the union and improved the user experience.