Career in account management, marketing, development - or kick-start your career as an intern

As part of the team, you will get a lot of responsibility with your own projects from the very beginning. Also, you will experience a steep learning curve, making it important that you have a high level of drive and motivation and that you are eager to learn.


Numerous successful internships

At Twentyfour, we have had a number of interns over the years, which has added great value to both us and our interns. The internships have been a huge success and several of our current employees actually started out as interns!

We are continuously looking for talented employees in the following departments:

  1. Web development, programming, and system development
  2. Project management, sales, and account management
  3. Marketing

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Open positions

We are looking for: Frontend and Backend Developer intern at Twentyfour

Are you passionate about software development? Can you develop modern websites and systems for both large and small Danish companies? And last but not least – do you want to be part of a growing business?

Our primary focus is the development of large systems, integration solutions, digitalization, campaigns, and websites.

Are you up for the challenge?

We are looking for: Digital and Content Marketing intern

Are you a go-getter, are you ready for a challenge, and do you dream of working with marketing? Here’s a unique opportunity for working with digital and content marketing for a range of fast-growing tech companies.

As a marketing intern, you will get hands-on experience with business critical marketing through ‘learning by doing’.

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As an intern in the development department, you would typically work on the following:
  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • C#.NET
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Wordpress, Umbraco, Drupal,
  • Magento
  • IOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • System architecture
  • Estimation of projects
  • Integration solutions and RPA

To be considered for the position as a developer, you must pass a special job test. This applies to both interns as well as part-time and full-time applicants.

We currently have two different tests. They can both be found on BitBuckets.

Questions? Contact us on info@twentyfour.dk

Account management

As an intern in account management, you would typically work with the following:
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales and advice
  • Dialogue with both existing and new customers
  • Tendering
  • Assistant work to account managers
  • Business analysis
  • As an intern at Twentyfour, you are not going to sent on coffee runs and asked to make copies for the rest of the office

To be considered for a full-time position or internship in sales, marketing, or strategy, we expect a well-considered application and CV.

Questions? Contact us on info@twentyfour.dk

We are offering all our employees


three-column-icon Lunch

All adventurers need energy before they take on new quests. Therefore, we have a lunch scheme with both hot and cold lunch every day.


three-column-icon Company-paid broadband at home

To be able to work from home, you obviously need to have the necessary technology. Therefore, we offer company-paid broadband to all our employees


three-column-icon Responsibility

We take pride in giving all our employees responsibility. Project Managers, Directors, and office helpers. We all have a mutual responsibility to our customers – and to each other.


three-column-icon Varied projects

We develop everything from advanced business critical systems for the Danish Parliament and Unity Technologies to rather simple landing pages for L’Oréal and the CS: GO Tournament BLAST Pro Series.


three-column-icon Problem solving as the focus

We call a spade a spade and a problem a problem. On the other hand, we love problems – because they always a have solution. Your job, regardless of title, is to solve problems.


three-column-icon Relax when necessary

It can be hard and uninspiring to be glued to the screen all day long. Therefore, we have, among other things, foosball, table tennis, and game nights. Of course, only for those who find that entertaining.

… Oh, and then there’s always a company-sponsored beer on Fridays (or a fredagsbajer, as we would call it in Danish).

Former interns at Twentyfour


Dominik Chomicki,

Account Manager & Internal Process Manager

“When I started at Twentyfour I was thrown directly into deep waters and I had a lot of responsibilities from the very beginning.”

Dominik started as an intern at Twentyfour in 2017, when he studied Business Economics & IT at KEA. Dominik applied for a 4-months internship in Account Management, where he started working as an assistant to the rest of the team. Nowadays, he’s working permanently at Twentyfour as an Account Manager, but he also has the role of Internal Process Manager.

Today, Dominik is responsible for managing relationships and sales with clients – that includes both new and existing clients. He meets with clients, provides consulting, and makes offers as well.


Lars Hagen,

DevOps, SLA & Docker Master

Here is what I love about programming: You are the god, you are the creator. The code will respect you and do everything you’ve told it to do. ‘Cause that is the way you created it.

Lars started his career as an intern in 2017, while he was studying Computer Programming, Graphics & Multimedia at AspIT. Lars has learned the most important skills in solving problems in his department. He has completed his studies and has become a permanent member of the Twentyfour family.

Today, Lars works primarily with WordPress projects, PHP, DevOps, support & critical tasks, and he makes sure that everything is up-to-speed