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Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) has developed L'Oréal Redken's new international website. The website is an integral part of L'Oréal’s marketing of Redken in the United States and the Nordic Region

Fashion meets code

L’Oréal is, without a doubt, one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. For such a large and recognized corporation, it is essential that its communication outlets are as up-to-date and modern as its brand.

It was extremely important for L’Oréal that the website was an extension of its brand. A representation of its products.

The website should, therefore, be of the highest quality- This is why L’Oréal has chosen Twentyfour to develop and maintain this new worldwide website.

New website and a new look

There was a particular focus on looks and functionality. L’Oréal is huge and has millions of customers worldwide. Therefore, it is crucial that L’Oréal can reach all its many customers and that all visitors will get the full experience of the new Redken website.

Since many of L’Oréal’s customers go online via smartphones, particular attention was paid to the mobile website. The website was therefore developed responsive so that it works perfectly across all platforms.

Among the requirements that were to be met were:

  • Responsive – Works perfectly on all platforms
  • “Find your Redken Salon’’-page
  • Full product overview
  • Great presentation
  • Subscriptions for blogs/articles

In addition, the website should be able to handle many users and many languages.

We are incredibly proud of the final result. The website works seamlessly and is a great extension of Redken’s brand.


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WordPress, Responsive design, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax API integration, MySQL.
45 days
3.074 Lines
Dominik Chomicki, Emil Knudsen, Sara Vicente

User-friendly backend

Twentyfour developed a complete WordPress solution for L’Oréal, that is used throughout the Nordic region. The user-friendly WordPress CMS makes it easy for employees to add new products, images, and descriptions to the website. As a result, IT experts are not necessary for handling the tasks.

It was of the utmost importance that the website could easily be expanded to and customized for the rest of the world. Twentyfour has taken care of this requirement so the website can easily be cloned to other countries and languages.

With PHP and JavaScript, the website was coded responsively and looks great, regardless of whether the site is accessed from mobile, tablet, or PC.


After the great success with the website, Twentyfour was contacted by L’Oréal USA, whose website we now support. Both L’Oréal in the North region and in the States are given increased security, stability, and support by Twentyfour.

In addition to the Redken brand, Twentyfour has helped L’Oréal with several projects for Biotherm and Lancôme.

Do you want an equally beautiful and well-functioning site like Redken? Contact us today!