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At Twentyfour, we have more than 10 years of experience integrating complex systems. Integration between digital systems is a digital method in which every part of the digital systems, new as well as existing, can communicate with each other.

Our extensive expertise with integration in various industries enables us to help you – regardless of which system(s) you currently use in your company.

+ 10 million

People use the products we create for our customers each year

Benefits to gain through integrations


three-column-icon Minimize manual errors

By integrating data and systems, you and your employees will gain a greater overview and reduction in manual work. An integrated system will result in fewer manual errors and shortcomings in each individual step.


three-column-icon Automatization

Integrating and automating data, systems, and work processes will create streamlined workflows that help avoid duplication of effort.


three-column-icon Easier with scaling

With data and system integrations, your employees will spend less time on administrative tasks. This will allow them to focus on what is most important to the company – ultimately, the tasks that create the best customer experience and increased revenue.


three-column-icon Increase productivity

With data and system integrations, a simpler and automatic navigation between business systems and data exchange is created. With the help of integrations, you and your employees will experience increased productivity and efficiency.


three-column-icon No bookkeeping errors

By integrating your data and systems, you can save 90% of the time spent on bookkeeping. And also, a data and system integration keeps your books as accurate as possible, saving you the trouble of manually correcting any errors.


three-column-icon Greater data analysis

Data and system integrations allow you to manage better and analyze your data. Data is an important factor in most companies, and when analyzed optimally, it is a sure way to an easier and more efficient everyday life.

Integrate your business with KOEBT

KOEBT is a complete integration solution between webshops and an ERP system. The following six systems are the ones we most often develop integrated solutions for, but KOEBT can easily manage several other systems as well.

Businesses that utilize integrations

We have developed numerous integrations for multiple businesses over the years, and our clientele has grown wider and wider. However, there are three groups that we are particularly experienced in helping:


three-column-icon Wholesalers and e-merchants

We have helped several wholesalers optimize and digitalize their sales processes to save resources. This is done by, amongst other things, identifying the workflows that bring added value and cutting the workflows that do not.

Have a look at what we did for Løwener.


three-column-icon Businesses using ERP systems

Most often, the ERP system will be the heart of the business to which other systems must be connected. This integration of business-critical systems is Twentyfours forte. We help companies that use ERP systems ensure that their customers get the most out of the ERP system.

As an example, have a look at our case from Nupo.


three-column-icon Large organizations

Our competent advisory team and great technical capabilities have led to numerous collaborations with large organizations and institutions.

As examples, have a look at our cases from Destination BornholmBlast Pro Series or DR Koncerthuset.