Focus on the vital parts and let the rest run automatically

At Twentyfour, we are official e-conomic development partners. We have developed several integration solutions for a wealth of both large and medium-sized companies, municipalities, and universities. E-conomic integrations merge key parts of your company’s critical business systems, ensuring that all your systems run synchronously, fully automatic, and without human interference. With such an integration solution, resources are freed up so you can spend more time and money on other vital parts of your business.

+ 10 million

People use the systems and sites we create for our customers each year


E-conomic and your needs

Your business must have a set-up that suits it. Therefore, we typically host a workshop where we set the goals for your visions together. The most important thing is that it makes sense for you and your business. Therefore, our focal points for a typical e-conomic integration are:

  • Let all systems run as automatically as possible
  • Minimize waste time
  • Minimize human error
  • Outsource accounting to automatic accounting
  • Outsource administration to automatic accounting
  • The site, warehouse, customer, and financial system must always be automatically updated/synchronized

Is e-conomic the right choice for you?

You will not be alone in your future integration. We work with e-conomic integrations on a daily basis. More and more companies are embracing integration solutions – the reason being that the solutions are paying off. We have developed major integration solutions for Danske Vandværker, GA-Import A/S, and many other customer cases.