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1.83 billion in turnover and more than 2,000 jobs - Destination Bornholm's new site and business platform attract more tourists to Bornholm.

Bornholm, Bornholm, Bornholm

Everybody loves Bornholm!

The island of the Baltic Sea of Denmark is unique and filled with history. Bornholm has its own dialect, its own climate, and its very own nature. Bornholm is also known as solskinsøen (the sunshine island) because of its lovely weather.

Life is calm there and you couldn’t imagine how fresh the air is.

Bornholm is an attractive tourist location with its approx. 600,000 visitors each year. Tourists who create 2,000 jobs annually and a turnover of DKK 1.83 billion.

Destination Bornholm is a non-profit organization that promotes and boosts tourism in Bornholm through marketing and development of the tourism strategies to attract visitors.

As part of Destination Bornholm’s marketing strategy, a new large browser-based platform was to be created. Destination Bornholm’s many different websites were combined into one big new website: Bornholm.info.

Bornholm.info plays a central part in spreading the word about Bornholm as a holiday destination. The aim of the site is to draw in potential tourists to Bornholm.

When nature’s beauty is digitized

The project aimed to create a platform that strengthens Bornholm digitally. A platform that would ensure the island’s competitiveness in regards to digital marketing and that would support tourists’ needs before, during, and after their journey. Bornholm.info has both a giant B2C site and an online B2B platform for business partners.

The project included the following features:

  • Responsive development
  • Local businesses able to create business profiles themselves
  • A display that could work on both mobile and PC
  • Data integration with 3rd parties
  • Extremely user-friendly backend
  • Change layout with one click
  • Easy handling of hundreds of sub-pages


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“No way, that that’s possible!”

“There was quite the skepticism within the industry, about the high user access that we planned to offer our business partners and event organizers on the new platform. But since we launched it, more than 150 companies have accepted the offer and are now editing the information about their products.” –Pernille Kofod Lydolph, Director, Destination Bornholm.

Writing marketing content takes time. Traditionally, tourist organizations and travel agencies write copy texts for local businesses themselves. The travel agency will find press photos, etc. It’s a process that requires great resources and takes a long time for tourists and travel organizations.

A core element of the new bornholm.info is that the platform allows the Bornholmian companies to enter their businesses’ information on the site themselves.

“User access for companies is an innovative feature with an amazing success, which has released internal resources from previously very time-consuming operations.” -Pernille Kofod Lydolph, Director, Destination Bornholm.

The Bornholmian companies stormed the new website and created their companies’ profiles with images, content, etc.

The digital tourist experience

The new bornholm.info is an ambitious project that has become reality because of the constructive dialogue that we have experienced with the Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) team throughout all the process.” -Pernille Kofod Lydolph, Director, Destination Bornholm.

Twentyfour has strived to automate as many workflows as possible. At Twentyfour, we see no need to spend unnessercery time on processes that can be automated. Based on this, Twentyfour built the non-profit organization’s new online platform.

Featuring beautiful photos of nature, togetherness, and sights, the users feel drawn to the idyll and charm of Bornholm.

The finished project has become very beautiful and the platform works perfectly across all platforms.

At Twentyfour, we are very happy to be allowed to participate in the creation of this adventurous digital platform for Bornholm.