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Umbraco CMS and Newsletter Studio integration: Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) develops an information site on copyrights and piracy for 12 authorities

From vision to asset

The mission of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO) is to help and guide Danish companies in protecting their ideas and inventions so that, one day, the visions will become assets.

DKPTO issues patents and registers designs, trademarks, and utility models – and is always working on ensuring great conditions for Danish companies within the IP area, both nationally and internationally.

A new informational website

12 authorities from the Ministries’ Network Against IPR Violations are behind the website ichoosereal.dk. The network works closely together to combat the trade of counterfeit goods and illegal streaming of, e.g., music and movies. The Patent and Trademark Office is the network secretary and has been responsible for collaborating with Twentyfour regarding developing the new website.

To strengthen the efforts to inform on copyrights and piracy, the regulatory network wanted to develop a new information website to increase awareness about these issues.

Therefore, the Danish Patent and Trademark Office sought an external supplier to develop the new website. The new website will make it easy and simple for consumers and companies to get information about counterfeit goods and piracy – and communicate to them in a relevant and modern way.

The new website must also be able to include all future initiatives surrounding the topic and be used as a reference website.

After reading through multiple offers and having the initial talks, the Patent and Trademark Office chose Twentyfour to help them develop a modern, visual, and user-friendly website.

The new platform should be:

  • Modern and responsive.
  • User and mobile-friendly.
  • Integrated with the newsletter system.

Integrated newsletter

The Patent and Trademark Office also wanted the possibility of integrating the website with DKPTO’s newsletter service – Newsletter Studio. This was implemented by Twentyfour.



Umbraco, Newsletter studio, C# and .NET
92 days
2505 lines
Andrius Bendikas, Daniela Popescu

The project and result

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office delivered the website’s visual layout, design, structure, and content. The task for Twentyfour was to build the IT solution using Umbraco.

Twentyfour built a fully responsive website that works whether accessed by a PC, mobile, or tablet.

In addition, Twentyfour delivered a searchable and user-friendly database containing verdicts on the subject matter. When a given authority uploads a verdict to the database, this verdict will become available through the new website. This will phase out and replace the old database, which was a simple excel-sheet.

The visual layout, structure, and wishes for search functions were provided by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. Twentyfour built the database with advanced search filters, which significantly improved the user-friendliness and searchability of the previous solution.

Integrated newsletter

In order to be able to share information about counterfeit products and piracy, it has been a wish of the Patent and Trademark Office to have the opportunity to send out newsletters via the website.

The choice fell on Newsletter Studio, which Twentyfour integrated with the Umbraco website.

The Patent and Trademark Office states about the collaboration with Twentyfour:
We are very satisfied with the finished result. At the same time, we have had a good dialogue with Twentyfour throughout the process.” says section manager at the Patent and Trademark Office, Barbara Suhr-Jessen.