Make payment easier with MobilePay Subscriptions

We ensure that your customers can make payments and manage subscription schemes via MobilePay Subscriptions directly from your website or webshop.

As a certified MobilePay integrator, we can help set up an integration to MobilePay Subscription directly from your digital platform.

With MobilePay Subscriptions and invoices, your customers can easily and clearly pay with a single swipe and avoid potential errors when entering card information and other data. Customers can sign up for ongoing invoicing and subscription payments without having to renew them on an ongoing basis.


Why MobilePay Subscriptions?

MobilePay is one of the preferred payments solutions in Denmark. With over 4.3 million users and more than 200.000 stores and webshops in Denmark.

With a MobilePay payment or subscription solution, you give your customers an easy user journey, and then there are further savings to be made by making a payment integration for your online platform, as you avoid manual invoicing.

In addition, MobilePay has rounded an average of one million transactions on average per day, and payments with MobilePay in online commerce grew by 84% in 2021.


Do you wanna know more?

We have extensive experience in making integration solutions with a lot of different applications and have made integrations for, e.g., Rigsarkivet, Løwener, Mond of Copenhagen, and many more.

Want to hear more about integrating your platform with MobilePay Subscriptions? Then you can sign up for a non-committal chat via our contact form at the bottom of the page.