Automate manual processes with Dynamics NAV

At Twentyfour, we specialize in Microsoft Dynamics integrations, but we will gladly go a step further and integrate your entire business.

We have carried out large NAV, AX, and 365 integrations for e.g. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and many other customer cases.


What do our customers say

“Simply put, they are good at making solutions that work. They know their code and they are really good at project management.
They clearly state what they need from us and when, and if things do not go as planned, they will always let us know. They have partnered with our Navision provider, and they have had a completely professional approach to it ”

-Mette Kingod, Communications Officer, Danish Waterworks

Explore our experience


For the well-reputed engineering company, Løwener, we automated as many internal processes as possible in relation to the webshop, thereby minimizing repetitive administrative tasks.


For New Carlsberg Glyptotek, we developed a new website on which employees can easily create new sub-pages for new exhibitions, etc.


For the Organization of Officers in Denmark (HOD), we integrated the HOD Dynamics NAV database with the new website, resulting in improved user-experience and reduced support time.

Optimize your business using Microsoft Dynamics NAV



Automation of workflow is achieved by connecting Dynamics NAV with one or more of your systems. This makes the systems able to communicate with each other, which saves time spent on administrative and repetitive tasks and significantly minimizes the risk of human errors.



Minimizing manual processes, workflows, and the need for human interaction will ensure a more scalable organization. Workflows that are automated do not need additional administrative workers as the organization grows. This lowers some of the risks associated with expanding the organization.


Always up-to-date systems

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV with existing systems, orders, invoices, cash flow forecasts, supply planning, and payrolls will be synchronized immediately and automatically. This results in up-to-date, homogeneous, and error-free databases for efficient organizational management.

Dynamic NAV solutions


1 The advantages of an integrated Dynamics NAV

  • Automates processes
  • Fewer human errors
  • Ensures homogeneous and real-time data
  • Simplifies order process
  • Optimizes inventory and logistics management
  • Reduces risk of database errors

We have helped a wide range of organizations with process automation. Both small, large, public, and private.

This includes automation for The National Bank of DenmarkThe Danish State Archives, The State Hospital, and many other customer cases.


2 Automate manual processes with NAV or 365

Manual processes are automated when Dynamics NAV is integrated with your existing systems. This contributes to a clearer, more efficient, and optimized workflow with consistent information across all your systems.

We are behind a large number of integrations of business-critical systems and we are very proud of our many successful customer cases.