Dominik Chomicki – New Head of Development in Twentyfour

On the 1st of September 2022, Dominik Chomicki received the title of Head of Development in Twentyfour. A title that Dominik has proven he deserves during the past six years! Dominik started his journey at Twentyfour back at the beginning of 2017. Since then, he has made a successful career in Twentyfour – we are really proud!

As the Head of Development, Dominik is responsible for our technical direction and production team. Therefore, Dominik is in charge of coordinating and executing all projects and products we build internally in the company and externally for our clients. In his new position, Dominik manages several teams in our development department, including:

  • Design and UX.
  • Web development (more specifically, CMS and front-end development).
  • System integrations and back-end development.
  • Our internal product development.

A growth journey in high-speed

Dominik was born and raised in Poland and came to Denmark to study. First, he took a bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics & IT from KEA. Afterward, he completed a master’s degree from ITU in Software Design.

By the end of completing his studies, Dominik got hired as a Project Manager in Twentyfour. Over several years, Dominik managed a significant increase in work responsibilities while completing his education.

During his time at Twentyfour, Dominik had different roles before receiving the title of Head of Development. Besides the role of a Project Manager, Dominik has worked as an Account Manager, Internal Process Manager, and Product Owner.

In his previous positions, Dominik mainly focused on sales, advice, and customer contact. Now, his work also includes handling Twentyfour’s internal processes. Going forward, Dominik will highly influence the technical part of our production and devlieries.

“It might sound like a cliché, but solving problems is one of Twentyfour’s main focus areas, which I resonate with greatly. I have been a part of the company for six years and know the processes and issues we face. It relates to solving problems for our clients, which is extremely important, but I am thrilled to have been given the responsibility for also solving some of our internal challenges.”

Dominik Chomicki, Head of Development in Twentyfour

Dominik has an amazing overview and deep-rooted understanding of our company culture due to his many years of experience and responsibility in several areas. He has always played an active role in many projects and possesses a fantastic feel and understanding of our company’s values, mission, and vision.

Fiery soul with experience, talent, and strong-willed!

To us, it’s a privilege that Dominik is continuing his career at Twentyfour. Rights from the beginning, he has constantly shown significant initiative and worked hard to achieve his goals. Dominik is truly an inspiration to the rest of the team!

In Twentyfour, we are still a relatively small web agency, even though we’ve been around since 2010 and have built more than 1.000 projects. Luckily, our business always has room for improvement, allowing fiery souls like Dominik to develop and impact our business significantly.

Throughout the time, Dominik has seen Twentyfour go through various phases, from restructuring to the closure of departments. He has improved work processes and created new ways of doing things, e.g., making Twentyfour’s business model more sustainable. Therefore, we now focus on maintaining long-term cooperation with our clients.

Dominik has already made several constructive initiatives and executed many processes that benefit and improve both our team and clients. With Dominik in charge of our technical deliveries and development, Twentyfour truly faces an exciting future as a digital web agency.