A career in frontend- or backend development?

Are you one of the best in your class at coding, and do you have a great passion for software development? Then you have the opportunity for an internship in either frontend or backend development here at Twentyfour!

We are a fast-growing digital web agency located on beautiful Amager. We’re driven by creating business value for our wonderful clients by developing many different types of digital projects and solutions. As an intern in either frontend or backend development, you will, among other things, get ‘hands-on’ experience with web development, system integrations, support and operation of systems, websites, etc.

An internship, with us, is a great opportunity for you who want a career in either frontend or backend development.

Passionate about software development and coding

We are always looking for interns for our development department. Therefore, you’re a great fit for an internship, with us, if you are interested and passionate about software development and coding. An interest and passion that we will help you carry out during your internship and help you transform into a set of qualifications.

In Twentyfour, our primary focus is the development of large systems, integration solutions, digitization, campaign, and websites.

It’s important for us to mention that we love having interns! That is why it is also important for us that your opinions are heard. During your internship, you will have time to hone your skills, gain real work experience, work on real projects and solve real problems for real customers. Typically, we hire two to four interns each year, some of whom become full-time employees in entry-level developer positions, and others become part-time employees while continuing their studies.


Our internship program

The internship period in our internship program is a minimum of 4 months and is unpaid. Our internship in frontend or backend development is a good match if you’re a student, or recently have graduated with a bachelor’s degree or similar in either IT, software, computers, electronics, web, or multimedia.

The work tasks and IT programs that you will work with during your internship depend on whether you choose frontend or backend development – you can see what they each entail below ????????

Frontend development

As an intern in frontend development, you will work with the following programs:

  • HTML5.
  • CSS3 and SASS.
  • JavaScript and GulpJS.
  • Stylus, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • PHP7.
  • WordPress, WooCommerce, and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).
  • Docker.
  • Git and BitBucket.
  • Structuring, division, and estimation of projects and tasks.
  • Nurture and strengthen new and existing customer relationships.

Backend development

As an intern in backend development, you will work with the following programs:

  • KOEBT – an integration tool that we, in Twentyfour, have developed ourselves.
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
  • SOAP and REST API.
  • Nginx.
  • Docker and Docker Compose.
  • PHP7.
  • WordPress plugin among other plugins.
  • Java, .NET, Python, and other programming languages depending on the project to be coded and developed.
  • Structuring, division, and estimation of projects and tasks.
  • Nurture and strengthen new and existing customer relationships.

Before sending in your application

To be considered for an internship in our development department, you must first complete a test. There are different tests depending on which internship you are applying for.

  • If you want an internship as a software developer in frontend development, you must complete our white rabbit test.
  • If you want an internship as a web developer in backend development, you must complete our brown rabbit test.

The brown rabbit tests your HTML5 and CSS3 skills, whereas the white rabbit tests your skills in PHP, algorithms, data structures, and test-driven development.


Apply for the job!

Are you ready for a challenge that will dress you well for a career in frontend or backend development? Then send us your application!


How to apply:

  • Create a BitBucket user (if you do not already have one).
  • Solve the relevant test for you (white or brown rabbit).
  • Submit a pull request.
  • Submit your application, resume, and the name of your BitBucket user via TheHub.

TheHub is an online job portal where we handle all our applications – therefore, it’s important that you send your application via TheHub.


We look forward to receiving your application ????