Connect the workflows in your company

The ERP system can be described as the ‘big brother’ of accounting programs such as e-conomic in the sense that the ERP system can manage much more than only accounting. Simply put, the ERP system can manage everything from sales, order processing, procurement, production, and invoicing – merging all systems into one system.

At Twentyfour, we have developed ERP integrations for several large companies, including Nupo and GA-Import A/S.


Streamlined and automated

ERP integrations make it easier to share information and automate processes across departments that would previously be handled manually, such as data from the sales department to accounting.

This streamlines workflows, which minimizes the risks of human errors.

Three advantages with ERP integrations

Centralized data

When information and data are gathered in one place, less time will be spent waiting on co-workers from other departments to get back to you. ERP integrations centralize data and ensure that all departments are equipped with the necessary data.

Automated processes

Automated processes minimize the need for manual labor. It minimizes the risk of human errors and the time spent completing a task.

Time for value-adding activites

When processes are automated and streamlined, there is time for you and your employees to focus on other value-adding activities. Once everything that can be automated is automated, there is more time to work on the tasks that require human involvement, which increases productivity.

Sectors we are helping

We work with institutions, funds, trade unions, and large and small Danish companies.


Trade unions, public institutions, funds, and institutes

We have helped BUPL, Rigsarkivet, Danmarks Nationalbank, and Kirk Kapital, to name a few.


Tourism organizations, destinations, event companies, and hospitality industry


Wholesalers, e-merchants, and private companies

+ 10 million

People use the products we create for our customers each year