Integrate Modulus System

The advantages of integrating Modulus’ systems (e.g. DMS) with the union’s existing systems are well documented. The system has proven to be very useful as it significantly reduces processing time, streamlines the union’s internal process, ensures uniform data, and makes for a much more user-friendly flow.


Used by the majority of trade unions and 'a-kasser'

Modulus is without a doubt an effective tool for trade unions and their unemployment insurance funds (a-kasser). However, the system is rarely used at its full capacity. Therefore, it is recommended that unions take the next step and connect (integrate) Modulus with the organization’s existing systems.


Benefits of single sign-on integrations

With Modulus integrations, it has become much easier for members to locate and fill out forms. With single sign-on, everything will be gathered in once place so that members will only need to log in once.

Some of the benefits of these integration include:

  • Easier, more manageable experience for members
  • Faster review process
  • Improved user-friendliness
  • Less support time
  • Custom-designed front-end

BUPL took the next step

For BUPL, we developed a Modulus DMS integration. In other words, we connected BUPL’s Modulus with its online membership platform, allowing members to fill out forms directly from the site. The integration also made it possible for Twentyfour to create a beautiful custom-built design for Modulus that is in line with BUPL’s visual identity.

In order to complete forms, it is required that users are verified through NemID. To help protect users from unnecessary and excessive NemID usage, we developed a solution in collaboration with NetCompany. A single sign-in solution with NemID integration between the website and NetCompany’s login system.

The user-flow now looks like this: The first time the user logs into the system, (s)he must be verified with NemID. In the future, the user will never again have to use NemID but simply log in with his/her chosen username and password.

We have also developed solutions for the union HOD.