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Safe and stable DevOps for the Danish department of a global organization

Amnesty works hard daily to create a world where every human being can enjoy human rights. The right to education, work, and healthcare, as well as the right to freedom from discrimination and freedom of expression, are just some of the human rights Amnesty is engaging with.

But even the best message requires visualized, unique, and digital communication.

The task is to create a unique digital experience for the visitors 

Since Peter Benenson founded Amnesty in 1961, the organization has grown into a global movement with more than 7 million people. In Denmark, there are more than 84,000 members, giving Amnesty a strong voice in working with human rights.

With such a strong voice, Amnesty Denmark wanted to invest in a unique digital experience for its visitors. The purpose of the unique digital experience is to digitalize the “strong voice” in order to communicate and visualize the message of human rights online to create value for Amnesty’s target groups.

This meant that Amnesty was searching for a digital agency with expertise in optimizing businesses to extend its “strong voice” to the digital arena. Amnesty contacted Twentyfour (formerly HTML24), and we embarked on a new adventure with supporting Amnesty’s mission digitally as the goal.

The first phase of a unique digital experience

The goal is to create a unique digital experience for Amnesty’s visitors. The first phase has been to transfer Amnesty’s DNS and server(s) from its old vendor to Twentyfour’s operating setup. This will help simplify and reduce the process of reaching Amnesty’s goal of making its “strong voice” digital by creating a unique digital experience for its visitors. In addition, it also enables Twentyfour to provide continuous updates and support when needed.


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