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With an agreement on ongoing support and maintenance of its website, the Institute of Arbitration has been assured that the site is up-to-date and always running as it should.

When the Institute of Arbitration launched its new website, the next step was to find a partner to provide ongoing maintenance and support.

“It is really important that we can be sure that our website always runs optimally. It is an important marketing channel for us and it is also an important tool for our customers, who, among other things, have access to our rules through it” says Anette Egebjerg, Executive Secretary at the Institute of Arbitration.

Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) was behind the code for the website and in that connection, Anette Egebjerg and some of her colleagues had been on a course at Twentyfour to get to know the backend so they could maintain the content page of the site on their own.

“We got a good sense of what Twentyfour is like as a company. They are good at communicating technical things in an understandable way. It was important because I have been with the Institute of Arbitration for many years and also tried to collaborate with an external supplier, which was difficult to get hold of and we did not want to do that again” says Anette Egebjerg.


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With the agreement on support and maintenance, Twentyfour ensures that the Arbitration Institute’s website is updated every month and that Anette Egebjerg will be notified by mail when it is done.

“Then we know it’s done and then we do not have to deal with it anymore. It is of great value to us that we have the confidence that the website is always running and up-to-date” says Anette Egebjerg and continues:

“Security and credibility are extremely important to us as an institution. After all, you read a lot about hacking and it is therefore very important that our website always is secure.”

The agreement between the Institute of Arbitration and Twentyfour has been running for about a year and the process has been just as Anette Egebjerg had hoped.

“They are in contact with us and we do not feel that we are drowning in the amount of customers. There is a good dialogue – they speak a language that is understandable and when we have asked for advice, I also feel that we have been given real advice and not just sales talk and small talk. Basically, it is about real communication and a real product”says Anette Egebjerg.

“We want to concentrate on what we are good at and then make sure we find the best possible partner – and we think we have found one, which is Twentyfour” she says.