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A booking platform to ensure more visits and local purchases on Møn

Møn is one of Denmark’s most popular islands, with its white beaches and natural beauty, not to mention Geocenter Møns Klint, which is Denmark’s most visited experience center, and every year Møn attracts more than 300,000 tourists.

Møn Moments is a booking portal that offers activities, tours, and the purchase of local goods on and from Møn. The entrepreneurs behind Møn Moments had the ambition to develop their site and integrate it with the booking platform to ensure a seamless buying experience for customers. And this is where Twentyfour steps into the picture.


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The project

Møn Moments has set a goal to become the leading booking portal in tourism in the local area and wants to attract visitors and shoppers all year round, even outside the peak season. The goal is to increase tourist spending on Møn, which must be done through bookings and cooperation with local businesses, guides, and accommodation.


Møn Moments offers local experiences and goods for the visitors coming to Møn. The site contains a collection of unique experiences offered by local businesses, places to stay, and guides. There’s everything from gin tasting and paddleboard to private guided tours to Møns Klint.


Møn Moments will create the setting for all the unique experiences and local goods from Møn. A showcase that will embrace different suppliers and potentially reach more than 300,000 visitors annually.

The solution

Twentyfour, in collaboration with the team behind Møn Moments, has created a visual website with a seamless integration to the booking platform, which makes the purchase experience coherent and easily accessible regardless of which device the users use.


Møn Moments consists of:

  • A new web and booking platform for events, activities, and sites that provides a seamless user experience
  • Page templates that make it easy to present visual content and written content.
  • A user-friendly solution on all devices; desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • A secure, reliable solution, that includes necessary certificates, security packages, updates, and handling of Cookie information.


Møn Moments is developed in WordPress, see the solution here.