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Naturbutikken's (Danish Ornithological Association) New UX, Webshop, Integration to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Maintenance

We are excited to announce the completion of our project with Naturbutikken, in collaboration with the Danish Ornithological Association’s webshop. Our tasks included redesigning the website’s UX, implementing our design concepts, and integrating the webshop with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

  1. Redesigning the website’s user experience (UX): This involved a thorough review and enhancement of how visitors interacted with the website. We made it more user-friendly and intuitive, enabling customers to easily find the products they were looking for and make their purchases with ease.
  2. Implementation of our design concepts: After developing the new design ideas and UX improvements, we translated them into reality on the website. This entailed altering layouts, color schemes, icons, and other visual elements to create the desired aesthetics and user experience.
  3. Integration of the webshop with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central: This is a central part of the project. The integration involved connecting the webshop directly to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, a robust business solution. This enables seamless data transfer regarding products, inventory, orders, invoicing, and customer information between the two systems. As a result, Naturbutikken can now manage and update their webshop more efficiently and in real-time, improving their business processes and customer experience.

Additionally, we are responsible for hosting, maintaining, updating, securing, and providing ongoing support for the Naturbutikken platform. We are proud to have played a part in the project and want to thank Naturbutikken and everyone involved.


Visit Naturbutikken here!