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Complex website with a modern layout and a user-friendly interface designed to deliver a high level of service. The responsive website was created in order to improve users’ experience and establish trust among already existing customers and potential customers

With offices in Copenhagen, Berlin, Sofia, Melbourne, and Chennai, Falcon offers a software as a service (SaaS) for all social media aspects, such as publishing, advertising, listening, engaging, measuring, and managing data about customers. Falcon offers its customers the opportunity to explore digital marketing by managing all social media accounts from one platform.

Falcon offers a wide range of solutions for businesses in digital marketing, such as social media management, social listening, customer engagement, audience management, strategic services, content marketing, and small businesses marketing. Serving industries like agencies, education, fast-moving consumer goods, healthcare, and retail, Falcon helps businesses thrive on social media by combining technology with expert industry and strategic knowledge.

Falcon’s goal is to offer its  customers a complex responsive website with a great user interface. Falcon wanted a captivating and interactive complex website, so they contacted Twentyfour. With lots experience and know-how in the industry, Twentyfour gladly accepted the challenge and delivered an amazing solution. By deciding to improve the website, Falcon isn’t only one step closer to creating a long-lasting relationship with its customers, but also has more potential to attract new ones.

Falcon chose Twentyfour to create a complex website for improving its customer experience and attracting new customers. Twentyfour delivered a brand-new website according to Falcon’s needs and desires

Along with the new website, Falcon expanded its product line with a new product, Unmetric, especially for SMEs. To be more specific, Falcon’s goal was to bring approximately 500 new customers within one quarter after introducing the new product. In order to bring Falcon one step closer to reaching its goal, Twentyfour created an appealing website in WordPress.

The whole process started with a kick-off meeting between Twentyfour and Falcon where all the project requirements were discussed. The purpose of the meeting was to set-up the project successfully taking into consideration all details. At the end of the meeting, Twentyfour and Falcon had an agreement on the deliverables. During the meeting, Twentyfour and Falcon agreed upon the preparation of schedule and project plan that implied setting up project steps in the project management tool called Basecamp. Twentyfour and Falcon also agreed on when the project meetings were going to take place, weekly statuses and keeping an ongoing communication but also the employees who will be involved in the project.

During the meeting, it was agreed that the following deliverables needed to be developed and implemented by Twentyfour:

  • A modern design and interactive layout.
  • Development of the website.
  • Creation of pricing page including business packages.
  • A solutions area, including 8 solutions, each with its own landing page.
  • A resources area, including 7 landing pages for each resource.
  • A platform area, including 7 landing pages with services that the Falcon platform offers.
  • A Q&A/Feedback section for customers.

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Backend of the website
WordPress, PHP
DevOpS Tools
Other Technologies
Typescript, SCSS, Webpack, jQuery, SVG Animations
2 months
Lines of code
Kristian and Andrius

The project

The first step in the process started with Twentyfour hosting a workshop with Falcon’s employees where all functions, modules, and general usage of the new WordPress website were discussed. This workshop aimed to introduce Falcon to the developed solution, so the employees knew how to manage the solution in the future.

The project itself started with discussing the design of the web pages, and then the pages themselves were developed. Once the pages were created, Twentyfour ran quality assurance and testing for each of them.

The development plan that Twentyfour offered included a test period where Falcon was also involved to make sure the website ran smoothly without any bugs or errors. The test period started with Twentyfour testing the solution internally on different browsers to ensure it was aligned with the desired outcome. Any errors or bugs found were immediately fixed. Then, the solution was passed to Falcon to test it.

The final step was launching the website, which also included a warranty period. The warranty period means that Twentyfour fixed bugs and errors for free for 14 days after the website was launched.

The result

A new complex website that includes elements like SVG animations, graphic illustrations, a Q&A section for the users, a data privacy bot explaining cookie policy, a complex log-in page, an interactive layout, and a modern design.

Twentyfour built a responsive website for Falcon, supported by browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, and mobile devices like Android +7.0 for Chrome and iOS version +11.0 for Chrome and Safari. The new website was set up in WordPress and included Bitbucket, a program that provides documentation of the code associated with the project.

Bitbucket offers Twentyfour the possibility to test features in a secure external environment, and it allows for a smooth transfer of the solution code to other parties if necessary. Other benefits are that the code is always backed up, ongoing documentation of the project code, and storing all previous versions of the solution for the project.

Further on, Falcon is responsible for adding the desired content to its new website, along with its products and services. Twentyfour created the website in WordPress so that Falcon’s team can easily manage and add content on the website.

The most unique part of this website is represented by the scalable vector graphics animations (SVG animations), which is a modern way of using heavy animations for websites. Twentyfour coded SVG animations on several webpages for Falcon’s website, improving user experience and appealing to potential customers.