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Improved user experience and web design inspire traveling to Greenland via Greenland Travel

Greenland Travel is a travel agency that organizes and arranges trips to Greenland. In addition, B2C and B2B customers are offered insights into Greenland Travel’s great expertise, knowledge, and love for Greenlandic culture, history, and nature.

One of the business goals of Greenland Travel is to become one of the best and most attractive travel agencies that arrange adventurous and unique travel experiences to Greenland. All Greenland Travel’s guides speak the language, know every inlet and glacier, and enjoy taking curious tourists through the beautiful ice paradise in Greenland.

A user-friendly website and an efficient system are necessary to make it possible for Greenland Travel to arrange trips and activities like northern lights, dog sledding, hiking on ice caps, and nights in an igloo. This kind of digital solution makes it easy for visitors to find information and be inspired to travel to Greenland.

An integration between Greenland Travel’s systems improved their internal resources and time consumption

Due to a termination of the previous CMS system, Greenland Travel saw it as a good opportunity to change to another CMS system and, at the same time, improve and update their website. The previous website and CMS system were an obstacle for Greenland Travel, as they needed the opportunity to change information, images, and content without seeking continuous help from different IT suppliers.

In addition to being an obstacle for the employees at Greenland Travel, the previous website resulted in constant phone calls from users with questions, which resulted in excessive resource and time consumption. Greenland Travel could have avoided many calls if the website was optimized – a task the employees could not meet due to the limited CMS system.

Therefore, Greenland Travel reached out to Twentyfour and, in good cooperation, agreed to improve the website and CMS system and develop integrations between Greenland Travel’s systems – a solution that should help Greenland Travel achieve its business goals.

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The project and solution

We provided a solution for Greenland Travel, including an integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX, WordPress, and the remaining systems at Greenland Travel. The integration between the systems was achieved by KOEBT (an integration engine we developed at Twentyfour). It reduced Greenland Travel’s manual work, costs, and workloads.

All relevant data from Greenland Travel’s systems automatically exchanges via KOEBT. It means that Greenland Travel’s central data platform, Microsoft Dynamics AX, continuously receives and sends relevant data to the other systems, hereby the ERP system, CRM- and CMS system, etc.

The solutions ensured Greenland Travel a better and more extensive overview, automated workflows, fewer manual errors, and more efficiency in terms of customer service.

The result

Our solution for Greenland Travel resulted in an updated and improved website focused on an uplifting design, user experience, and system integration between Green Travel’s systems.

We created different language versions, domain versions (.dk, .de, .uk, .gl, .com), and relevant currencies to the website to create a good user experience and accommodate Greenland Travel’s many different visitors.

We developed advanced search and filter functions for the website to help users find their desired trip to Greenland. In addition, we created two user flows on the website – B2B and B2C. This aim was that users clearly should distinguish between booking for business or private travel.

In conclusion, the solution improved Greenland Travel’s conversion rates, which had been particularly low via phone and tablet. The improved design, user experience, and system integration made it more attractive for visitors to book a trip to Greenland and easier for Greenland Travel to handle inquiries – all of which led to higher conversion rates.