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Young Danes have debt for almost 1.4 billion DKK. Armed with Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) as its digital agency, Finans Danmark sheds light on financial responsibility through Pengeuge 2017.

Money Week

Through the annual Pengeuge (Money Week), Finans Danmark teaches young Danes about financial responsibility.

Pengeuge’s purpose is to teach Danes to better manage their economy and finance, providing a better understanding of these two areas. Both areas being a major problem among young people.

One of the results in the report, with figures from RKI [The Danish Register of Credit Information], is that 50,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 30 are registered as bad payers. It is primarily because they do not pay the bill for their mobile phone or newly purchased tablet” says a senior economist at Finans Danmark, Solveig Råberg Tingey.

Educational Purpose

Once a year, Finans Danmark hosts Pengeuge. In addition, Finans Danmark prepares educational material, movies, The Pengeuge quiz, and more. Primary schools get a week of financial and economic understanding for students in the 7th and 8th grades.

Following an in-depth analysis of Danish digital agencies on the market, Twentyfour was chosen as a digital supplier of Pengeuge 2017’s online browser-based quiz.

We are extremely ambitious about Pengeuge because it is important to teach the Danish youth about financial understanding. Therefore, we sought a supplier who could understand our vision and meet our requirements and expectations” says Mads Rørvig, Finans Danmark

Despite Pengeuge’s main target group being young students, Finans Danmark has the vision of spreading the message of a responsible economy to as many Danes as possible. Therefore, in addition to the schools’ preferred credential and login system – UNI-Login, a Facebook login was implemented as well. Now, people from all over Denmark can access the quiz. The quiz was optimized for PC, mobile, and tablet so all quiz participants can battle across all platforms.


Visit PengeQuizzen right here!

UNI•Login, Facebook integration, JavaScript, PHP, Elastic-database for statistik
16 days
13,547 Lines
Bjarke Larsen, Sara Vicente Jimenez

Next up: The EU!

It was central that the Pengeuge quiz worked perfectly on all platforms and operated steadily and solidly. The Pengeuge quiz was coded to be robust and was in 2017 completed more than 21,000 times!

The Pengeuge quiz has exceeded all expectations. We are proud of all the young people who have had the courage to complete it!”- Mads Rørvig, Finans Danmark.

Strong collaborations

We, at Twentyfour, have been really pleased to work with Finans Danmark and we are pleased that Finans Danmark thinks the same about us: “Twentyfour has been a reliable company to work with and the quiz has been so successful that our partners in the rest of the EU are going to implement it. Hopefully, we can help educate even more European youngsters in financial understanding.”- Mads Rørvig, Finans Danmark.

We thank Finans Danmark for this year’s Pengeuge and we look forward to next year’s!