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Improved, simple, and sleek booking system for easier and more convenient booking of Højskolen Marielyst courses

Højskolen Marielyst is a school for the older generations with lots of different courses and other exciting activities.
They believe that being active is essential for a happy, healthy, and purposeful life. Therefore, the school offers many activities and courses inspiring for their students and providing them with knowledge, joy, and courage to explore their interests in the elder age. These short courses have a wide range of subjects and topics, and which in its practical and pedagogical approach is targeting older generations.
As an impactful and meaningful educational institution, Højskolen Marielyst needed an improved booking system of the courses and classrooms on their website. They already had a temporary solution in their WordPress/WooCommerce, but they constantly faced inconsistencies and errors when attendees wanted to book a course or classroom.


The task was to develop a solution that could keep track of booked classrooms and the number of attendees who picked a different course.

Højskolen Marielyst was looking for an experienced digital agency to improve their current booking system.
Therefore, Højskolen Marielyst reached out to Twentyfour and provided the agency with the list of requirements. Several meetings and workshops were held to adjust and precise the ‘to-do’ list and plan the whole execution.
Twentyfour started by doing a detailed technical analysis of the potential solution. Based on those meetings, we were finally able to make a project proposal to the client.

Backend of the websites:
WordPress / WooCommerce & PHP
DevOpS Tools:
Other Technologies:
e-conomic Integration, Cookie Information, Twentyfour Security Package, KOEBT Integration
4 months
Lines of code:
Lukas, Joakim

The project

Højskolen Marielyst was facing many challenges with their website and booking system.
They urgently needed a convenient and simple system to keep track of both booked classrooms and how many people had picked a different course. They asked Twentyfour to create a solution where the booking flow should be accurate and work swimmingly. Meaning, when two or more people want to attend the particular course altogether, and when each of them is booking it, all of them will receive the confirmation email, which wasn’t the case before.

The result

Twentyfour built a great digital solution for Højskolen Marielyst by integrating WooCommerce and e-conomic. Therefore, when a booking was made, the system could finally send the invoice to the customers right away.
Furthermore, Twentyfour implemented Mailchimp and bus pick-up options for certain activities and courses in specific locations.
By implementing the above, we reduced time spent on creating courses in the back-end and therefore allowed Højskolen Marielyst to focus on their business. This increased client’s customers’ satisfaction and, of course, decreased human errors caused by manual work.
After the development of the project, Twentyfour also took over the maintenance of the site, including the update of the website, hosting, SSL, Security package, KOEBT Integration.