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Development of and updates to SKS Advokatfirma's website and digital strategy

SKS Advokatfirma is passionate about helping its clients and has a special focus on high professional quality and a one-to-one presence with clients. SKS Advokatfirma differentiates itself from its (occasionally more conservative) competitors through a modern approach and emphasis on being down to earth.

SKS Advokatfirma was founded in 2020 by Hussain, Kristoffer, and Othman. The company specializes in business law topics and customer cases within e.g., taxes and duties, insolvency and reconstruction, anti-money laundering and compliance, commercial criminal law, company law, real estate, banking and finance, corporate commercial, as well as litigation and arbitration.

SKS Advokatfirma contacted Twentyfour for us to help start the company’s new digital journey. More specifically, SKS Adokatfirma was in need of a new website that would attract clients, a new visual identity that would work well with the new website design, as well as pictures and videos to showcase who SKS Advokatfirma is to clients.

Twentyfour’s solution to SKS Advokatfirma’s digital challenges

At Twentyfour, we have kickstarted SKS Advokatfirma’s digital adventure by establishing, developing, and designing the new website and visual identity. Furthermore, we optimized the logo, had a photoshoot for the new website and other digital platforms and developed a visual style guide for the website. This guide includes new colors, fonts, and styles to be used on the website to ensure that the style and design of SKS Advokatfirma are in alignment with the visual identity going forward. Thus, our work results in a well-designed, modern, manageable, and professional website.

In addition to this, we have helped facilitate a digital marketing partner for SKS Advokatfirma to ensure that the company has the best digital marketing. This includes SEO, Google Ads, Content, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Visit SKS Advokatfirma’s website here

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Viktoria Zubchenko, Fernando Ceres, Joakim Darville
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Frida Hansen, Hybrid Productions

The project

Prior to this cooperation, SKS Advokatfirma had difficulties with the lead generation from its website, and the company was not satisfied with the visual identity. So, SKS Advokatfirma experienced a need for a digital presence that would attract clients while showcasing the company’s personality.

Thus (besides the development of the new website), there was a need for new content, pictures, and videos to better reflect the company’s values and work. To this end, there was also a need for a marketing agency to handle marketing on the new website in alignment with the new site.

The result

As a partner, we at Twentyfour have made sure to realize what SKS Advokatfirma has requested. We have built and re-designed the website, changed the brand’s visual identity to create more leads through the website, and assisted with marketing.

Also, at Twentyfour, we are responsible for future updates and maintenance as well as hosting the solution. Simply put, this means that SKS Advokatfirma does not need to manage the backend of the website and that we, at Twentyfour, take care of the website’s uptime and monitor sites and security protocols. This way, SKS Advokatfirma can focus on what the company does best and leave the operation and maintenance of the site and systems to us.