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Back to school for this website!

Many born before the year 2000, when they think about school, think about sitting in a classroom, going through math rules or repetitions in a book. 

With the increased digitisation by the end of the 90s, it was necessary to prepare children for the future in another manner. They needed to know how to use a computer and the relevant software when they finished their education – Clio entering here.

Clio has since 2006 been working on the development of interactive educational technology for children and youth. Clio sees their business as an EdTech-company, which has experienced large growth since they created their first educational portal.

When you are busy developing loads of different educational technologies for the school system, it isn’t easy to maintain your company’s digital profile, so Clio contacted Twentyfour.

Clio needed the following:

  • A more scalable solution in regards to expansion into new markets.
  • The solution had to be future-secure, which means that new CMS tendencies could easily be implemented.
  • The new CMS had to be easy for employees to learn.
  • The URL structure should be international regarding expanding to new markets in the future.
  • Better user experience.
  • New visual identity.
  • It had to be easy to create new landing pages for different segments of Clio’s customers.

The solution is written on the board

Our approach in resolving these issues for Clio was to build an entirely new CMS for Clio through the usage of WordPress.

Clio’s website has been implemented in WordPress, and the following things have been made to fulfil the criteria of a successful project:

  • A new website set up in WordPress, where among other things, a product page, news page, job page is included.
  • A crisp visual profile represented through new design.
  • Options for international versions of the pages through either Swedish or English.


Visit Clio here

Andrius Bendikas (AM), Krisitan Bangsø (Frontend), Wirawan S. (Dev) & Oliver Lauridsen (Dev)

The Project

Clio had an existing website, but it needed an overhaul. When setting up the new CMS in WordPress, we built some additional modules, which Clio can use at their discretion when administering the website’s content.

The following modules were built:

  • Sign-up for newsletter.
  • Featured images for the front page.
  • Under-footer for terms and conditions.
  • Call to action buttons.
  • Portal overview.
  • Minor support modules.

The Result

The project has resulted in an updated and fresh website for Clio. This includes a crisp design profile, making navigating Clio’s website easier for their customers.

Additionally, here are some examples of pages that have been redesigned to improve the user experience:

  • Frontpage.
  • Product page.
  • Portal page.
  • News page.
  • About page.
  • Trial page.

International versions, in Swedish and English, have also been created in relation to Clio’s ambitions of expansion into new markets. Additionally, Clio can set up new versions in the future with whatever language they see fit.