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A new website, with a modern and user-friendly design for a soft rebranding. Guaranteed safety, with high customer focus.

ATP Ejendomme is an investment fund that owns and operates a large number of commercial properties for business related reasons, primarily in the large cities in Denmark. The company is a subsidiary of ATP Group, Denmark’s largest pension and processing company, with operations such as managing pensions, investing, and administrating.

ATP Ejendomme administrates all directly owned investment properties for ATP Group, all over the world.

As a worldwide institution, ATP Ejendomme was in need of a soft rebranding – as they felt their current website did not fully portray their professional and well established brand. In addition, they wanted a website that was more customer focused, offering a better user experience with a modern and well presented design. One of ATP’s main challenges was that their website did not live up to their high security standards. They wanted to change this as they wanted to guarantee the utmost utmost security for their customers, as well as their properties.

Therefore, ATP Ejendomme contacted Twentyfour about building a new secure website for them, for soft rebranding and brand loyalty establishment purposes. ATP Ejendomme wanted to emphasize their brand with more modern design and tech on a responsive website.

The task was to redesign their website, for a more modern and responsive customer experience.

Twentyfour started the project by conducting a thorough RSP (Requirement Specification Project). A RSP at Twentyfour is a workshop, a physical meeting where ATP Ejendomme and the Twentyfour team collaborate by creating a document that clearly states ATP’s requirements, business goals, future mission and vision, as well as their KPI’s and needs. The RSP is conducted in the beginning, to clearly map ATP Ejendomme’s needs, so that Twentyfour can operate at the most efficient level, saving time and other costs. This also helps Twentyfour come up with creative solutions, that might not have been previously thought of.

The results of the RSP was a detailed description of how to best move forward with the project. A manual for a common understanding, ensuring that everyone working on the project has a clear understanding of the problem.

The next phase is the RSP process, in which the implementation process is conducted. This can be done in a very clear and efficient manner, as all developers follow the same RSP document. The implementation process is basically the coding of the website and the designing process of the CMS (Content Management System).


The goals, as stated in the RSP were:

  • Soft rebranding of the website
  • A more modern design and back-end tech
  • Responsive web-design
  • High security guarantee
  • Design should be highly customer focused
  • Switch to a more simple and user-friendly CMS, to save time on producing and adding content
Backend of Website
DevOpS Tools
Other Technologies
Maintenance of website, SSL certificate, Security package, CMS
Around 5 months
203.177 lines
Dominik, Wirawan, Anzhela

The Project

As the goal was to implement a more modern design that would be appealing to their customers, Twentyfour came up with the solution to switch their CMS – from Sitecore to WordPress. This would allow for a more modern design of the website, as well as an easy process for ATP Ejendomme to add and manage content on the site themselves. WordPress proved to be the more user-friendly option in this case, both for ATP Ejendomme and their users.

For the overall design and look of the website, Twentyfour teamed up with another agency called Advice, which has more focus on webpage design and user-flow. This created an amazing transition for ATP Ejendomme, and a very smooth rebranding process.

To help ATP Ejendomme keep a secure website, a maintenance agreement was made with Twentyfour. Twentyfour would be in charge of securing the solution provided for ATP Ejendomme at all times, as well as keeping the website up to date with the latest technological updates. This would ensure that the speed of the solution would always be optimal, and remove all other risks that non-updated solutions sometimes deal with, such as unexpected downtime, errors, or slow response times. The maintenance agreement declared Twentyfour as the IT collaborator of the site, to make sure that all business critical and non-critical needs are met at all times.

The Results


Twentyfour delivered a brand new website to ATP Ejendomme, with the backend of the website being WordPress.
The collaboration with Advice to create the new design for the website, was a success. Twentyfour built, implemented, and coded the website according to the design manual from Advice and the results are a responsive website, supported by all browsers and devices.

The maintenance agreement Twentyfour and ATP Ejendomme made includes:

  • Hosting
  • Update agreements
  • SSL
  • Security package

Twentyfour’s security package involves;
– Installation and configuration of security plug-ins
– Improved overall security
– Reduced risk of getting hacked
= overall guaranteed safety for ATP Ejendomme’s digital solution


With the results of the RSP workshop and process manual, hard dedication and persistence from the Twentyfour team, Advice design team and support from ATP Ejendomme – the project was an overall success.