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Vestas gets a new and improved career site

Vestas and Twentyfour have worked together on a project with the goal of upgrading Vestas’ Career site. Vestas wanted an improvement of the site’s visual identity and to establish a visual connection between the Career site and Vestas’ homepage.


We started with a thorough analysis of Vestas’ existing Career site and identified more areas that could be optimised. Particular emphasis was placed on improving the site’s visual identity, having the user as the starting point, at the same time also making sure that there is a connection between the Career site and Vestas’ frontpage and thereby giving a more uniform experience. As a result of our teamwork with Vestas, they now have a Career site that is both user-friendly and inviting. The site is easy to navigate and has an elegant visual style that presents Vestas’ brand in an appealing way. 


We have built an optimised and responsive Career site that makes it easy for jobseekers to find relevant information and look for job openings at Vestas. 


An example of how we at Twentyfour can assist in reaching digital goals, can be seen in this cooperation with Vestas. Especially for B2B companies that wish to upgrade their online presence, this cooperation can be a good reference to what is possible. By working together with us at Twentyfour, Vestas received a Career site that is not only visually appealing, but also functionally optimised. Their new site makes it easier for potential candidates to find relevant information and apply for jobs at Vestas which has led to an increase in the number of job applications as well as increased engagement from the users. 


The cooperation between Twentyfour and Vestas shows how a digital company can help with upgrading a company’s online presence and strengthen their brand image. 

The following success criteria were something:

  • Developing and optimising the design of Vestas Career site in order to match Vestas’ primary visual identity.
  • The configuration and styling of Vestas’ Career site must be supported by these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. 
  • The configuration and styling of Vestas’ Career site must also support mobile devices using Android and iOS versions.
  • Vestas’ Career site must comply with headings, typography, links, colours and icons according to Vestas’ design guide. 

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The Project:

Based on fulfilling Vestas’ requirements and specifications as best as possible, we carried out a thorough mapping of the project. As mentioned, the main objective of the project was improving the styling of Vestas’ Career site in order to create a visual connection to Vestas’ website homepage. The styling and company recognition must be in accordance with Vestas’ design guide. The problem that founded the project was a lack of performance on the recruitment sites. Therefore, the proposed solution arose to update the recruitment sites in order to boost recruitment. 

The Result:

Vestas’ Career sites have been updated so that they are satisfactory for the user and also in accordance with Vestas’ design guide. It was important that we could offer a solution that was specially tailored to Vestas’ needs. With this end result of the new Career sites, the quality of the site was lifted and it now contributes to Vestas’ high general standards. 

Our passion and sharp knowledge within digital configurations, responsiveness and styling have made sure to give Vestas a strong career portal to promote recruitment and future business development.