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A user-friendly app - F&H has replaced an expensive and outdated paper catalog with a digital solution, optimizing resources for the company and customers

F&H is a leading multi-brand house for specialist trade, B2C, and mass market – specializing in interior, kitchen, table, and bath products. So, if you need products from Södahl, Nuance, or Rosti Mepal in your store, it is certainly F&H you should go to.
As Scandinavia’s leading brandhouse, F&H offers 30 top designer brands, showcasing more than 8,000 items at once. The printed catalog has for many years now upheld an iconic status among customers – to such an extent that the catalog has even gone by the name of “The bible”.
Even so, F&H made the decision to stop printing and convert fully to a digital catalog.
“The catalog was expensive to print and took a total of 4 months to make. So before we even got to the point of sending it out, some of the items had already sold out or were discontinued. Furthermore, it did not give us the opportunity to present our customers with news about upcoming products or events happening throughout the year” says Anders Vendelbo Christensen, Head of E-Commerce at F&H of Scandinavia.
With that in mind, F&H decided to digitize the catalog completely – bringing it, as well as the brand itself, closer towards the future and to creating a more sustainable business.

The task was to create a digital platform unique to F&H

Together, F&H and Twentyfour (formerly known as HTML24) transformed the catalog into a smart and intuitive app that eases the experience for the customers. With the app, customers are able to find products more easily, see real time status, and order the desired products, all in an easy and swift manner that adds value to the whole experience.
As F&H’s technical needs were complex and required a carefully modified function, a deep understanding of their business was needed. For better adaptation and optimization of the app, Twentyfour designed a complex backend dataset. A ‘Rights Management’ function was set up, only allowing specific stores access to a specific selection of products. This proved crucial for better logistics and overall business management. “Twentyfour understands our problem and has been continuously good at understanding our needs, when there is something we want to change”, said Anders Vendelbo Christensen, Head of E-Commerce at F&H.
F&H Sales Consultant, Morten Gunner Hansen, was responsible for the project related to the data exchange between the app and F&H’s financial system. He especially highlighted the direct contact between him and the developers at Twentyfour; “As I have been granted direct contact with the developers, I can personally say that it has been a privilege and a huge advantage – as our data is very complex here at F&H. This cooperation provided me with a simple communication method, so that I could easily explain what it was F&H desired and how I needed those files to be received.”


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F&H Scandinavia was the first in the industry to fully digitize their processes in this way – further emphasizing the fact that they are positioning themselves as a leading brandhouse.
“We want to be leaders. This applies not only to our products but also the systems and services we provide for our customers – now including our new digital product catalog. We are very happy with the final product as it is exactly what we wanted”, says Anders Vendelbo Christensen.

According to Gunnar Morten Hansen, converting the complex dataset into a user-friendly experience has proven to be a great challenge, one which Twentyfour managed to solve. The results are a beautiful iOS solution, with both the backend functions needed for F&H to be a fully optimized business as well as a user-friendly frontend, proven to be a crucial factor for users, their experience, and engagement.


With the iOS application, F&H can now present their customers with the newest collections and products available as soon as they are in stock – leading to increased sales.
F&H’s desire was also to get a purchasing function or a shopping cart integrated in the app to provide the customers with the option of ordering products with just a single click. Before, with the printed catalog version, the customer would have to go to the webshop or even call F&H to order directly. Now, with the new app from Twentyfour, customers can order with ease – saving time and lowering costs, especially for F&H.

This user-friendly iOS app has optimized F&H’s resources and enriched the overall customer experience of Scandinavia’s leading brand house.