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Healthy self service

Health and quality of life. In the last decade, this mantra has exploded, not just in Denmark but across the world. Gyms in the entire country are filled with hard-working members from morning to late evening. With this explosion, naturally, the need for more health professionals arises.

Enter At Work. At Work is a company formed in 1992, and their mission is to promote health and quality of life. They achieve this through educating health professionals like dieticians, personal trainers, or massage therapists.

Their school (the At Work School) educates thousands of people every year, all of whom must be able to access their invoices, course information, and other information.

At Work contacted Twentyfour because they required help to create a self-service platform where their customers could keep themselves informed on any relevant information regarding their education.

A solution to get in shape

Twentyfour held a workshop with At Work to better understand which functions the self-service platform needed to perform.

During the workshop, it was concluded that the following was important:

  • Automation of administrative processes to save time and money.
  • Perform superior customer support.
  • General improvement of At Work’s digital profile to increase the accessibility for customers.

Visit At Work here!

Ainy Ahmad (AM), Babis Georgopoulos (Dev), Andreas Drivsholm (Dev) & Christian Jacobsen (Dev)


The challenge in creating a self-service platform for At Work were the integrations.

At Work utilize different systems to control their business:

  • E-conomic for controlling their financial accounting.
  • Moodle (LMS) (an educational system).
  • KnackHQ (Database system).

Luckily we are specialized in integrations of systems at Twentyfour.

By connecting all the necessary programs to the self-service platform through KOEBT, we ensured that every cog in the machine was running smoothly.


Visit At Work here!


The project has resulted in a self-service platform, where At Work’s customers can gain an overview regarding everything that has to do with their education.

From invoices to information about their courses; the customers can see it all.

Additionally, At Work can easily and swiftly distribute information to all their students or specific segments of their school without wasting time on administrative tasks.


The workshop

When we at Twentyfour initiate a project with a client, we like to do a workshop. This is to have a clear line of communication about what is expected of the project and the result to achieve the greatest possible success with the solution.

With At Work we held one of these workshops, where we concluded the following:

  • A clear understanding of At Work’s processes as a company and what they needed.
  • All expectations of what the result needed to do were presented.
  • At Work walked us through all their systems, so we had a better understanding of how they functioned and how to integrate them with the platform.
  • User Stories were created to obtain greater insight into the users of the platform and their behavior.

Value for your money and time

These workshops are valuable because we assist our clients in finding solutions, potentially saving them money and future headaches.

At Work, for example, wanted to use HubSpot, but after further dialogue with us, we found out that it was unnecessary, which has saved At Work:

  • Yearly license fees (from 4000kr. to 70.000kr.).
  • Reduced the complexity of the project and saved additional man-hours.
  • Saved time by not having the learn a new and complex system.