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New website and visual identity for Montus Business Academy - to create a ‘wow’ effect and attract students

Montus Business Academy’s primary purpose is to improve the quality of life and the professional competencies within the workforce as well as in society. For this reason, Montus is focused on creating an inspiring environment with current topics and events. Montus’ teachers and educators all have business experience, are specialists within their fields, and are passionate about teaching! The events are held in pleasant and exclusive surroundings (such as at the Radisson and Marriott hotels), ensuring a great experience for the attendees.

Twentyfour has created a solution that makes sense for Montus’ business – with a focus on visual identity and sales.

Montus contacted Twentyfour as they were looking for someone with the competencies to build a new website and webshop with a “wow” effect. They wanted better alignment between their visual identity and their product on the website to more clearly express their values visually as well. This is very important in terms of branding and for the way that customers see the company. The website has to reflect who Montus is, what it stands for, and how its product can help customers. Also, Montus would like a user-friendly flow, as its courses are available both on-campus and as e-learning.

The goal was to elevate the site and make sure it reflects their business, brand, and expertise, as well as give the site a more exclusive look. And we are proud of what we have built for Montus. 

Montus also wanted to ensure the security of and on the website, which our solution has focused on. In addition, Montus was on the lookout for a business partner they could trust to build, manage, and maintain a website for them, without them having to worry about anything. It is a responsibility we have gladly accepted. We work support for Montus to avoid any errors or limitations on the site that could hinder sales. In other words, it is Twentyfour’s responsibility that everything runs smoothly.

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Backend of the websites:
WordPress and WooCommerce
DevOps Tools:
Alberto (Frontend), Andreas (Backend), Joakim (Project Manager) & Kristian (Design | UI / UX)
Other technologies:
KOEBT integration, Custom CRM integration, Dinero Integration, Zendesk, Campaign Monitor
Lines of codes:
68752 lines
Benefits from the solution:
Design and modernization of new visual identity, Optimized user experience (UX), Search engine optimization (SEO).

The Project

Prior to our collaboration, Montus had a website on which the plugin and theme had expired and, thus, was no longer working. Their previous page was built on WordPress, and with an expired theme, the website would be more likely to catch bugs or technical problems that would result in lost sales and customers who would leave the page. That’s not something we accept here at Twentyfour.

The result

Twentyfour has integrated the website and webshop with the CRM system and integrated the accounts with Dinero. This eliminates unnecessary manual work and ensures that the systems always communicate and are updated on data in real time.

Going forward, Montus will be able to manage its events and sales through WooCommerce and easily set up new events on WordPress. Twentyfour has built a tailor-made theme/website for Montus, which ensures alignment between everything on the website.

On the new site, the user experience (UX) is improved to make sure that visitors are exposed to the most relevant events and courses. The new design and visual identity now reflect Montus’ brand. The combination of the improved UX on the website and the visual identity creates a better customer journey with better accessibility, user-friendliness, and a good flow – which will (hopefully) lead to a lot of sales!