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Three websites in need of a refreshed and streamlined design

Copydan Tekst & Node is a non-profit management organization in the text and copywriting sector. The organization has existed since 1980 and is owned by the authors, writers, and publishers of texts and sheet music.

Copydan Tekst & Node had three separate websites and reached out to Twentyfour to take over their sites from their existing IT partner with the purpose of rebuilding these websites with a refreshed and streamlined design.

The primary reason for coming to Twentyfour was that Copydan needed the websites rebuilt to current web standards, which they wanted Twentyfour’s help with. Also, Copydan wanted the three websites to be visually and functionally similar to convey that they are part of the same organization.

But after several talks, we agreed on an even better solution

The original plan was to set up the three sites as a WordPress multisite, but following talks between Twentyfour and Copydan it was decided that incorporating the content of the three sites into one would be a much better idea. By building one site instead of a multisite the solution became easier to maintain and would allow Copydan to use their resources more effectively.

The new solution was built in such a way that it integrates the three different use-cases and target groups, and resulted in a unified solution with better alignment between the three original targets. In accordance with Copydan’s needs, Twentyfour also built the new website to conform to current web standards and created a functionally unified solution.

So, all in all, a single site was for Copydan a much better solution than the original plan of a multisite.


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The backend of the websites:
WordPress, PHP
DevOpS Tools:
Other Technologies:
SSL certificate, WPML multi-language support, Cookie solution, Security Optimization Package, Dedicated server hosting
Lines of code:


In Twentyfour we built a new website for Copydan with a refreshed design. We worked closely together with Copydan through ongoing discussions to make sure we found and created the best solution.

At Twentyfour, we wanted to understand the needs of the company before we started the project, and in doing so we ended up building a different solution than what Copydan originally came to us with – but one that fits much better with what the company needed.

Once the project was agreed on, it was initiated by taking over the three websites from Copydan’s old IT provider in order to build a new website that lived up to everything Copydan needed it to.


The result of the project was a new website that incorporates Copydan’s previous three sites in order to provide a unified digital experience. The new design maintains the essence of the previous sites but at the same time provides a refreshing look.

The new solution that Twentyfour built is a functionally unified solution that conforms to the client’s current web standards. By creating one incorporated website rather than a multisite, the solution is easier to manage and allows Copydan to spend its resources more efficiently, and is thereby also an ideal solution from a business perspective.