35+ employees ready to help

Our lovely office houses 35+ employees – all ready to assist you with your website or online system. Our team consists of people from around the world as our home city of Copenhagen has turned into a magnet for tech- and business-savvy talents and experts. We take pride in hiring the best people and doing our best to further educate those working with us.

Twentyfour has existed since 2010, and we’ve done more than 100 projects for international and local institutions, businesses and unions since our inception.

We are specialized in software development

And experts in developing, integrating, and maintaining complex systems and sites


We develop

Our focus is to help businesses with digital challenges by developing and transforming business ideas, plans, and concepts into customized digital solutions. Our solutions are unique, smarter, faster – and they will improve your business performance and results.


We integrate

Regardless of which system(s) you are currently using, our numerous years of experience and extensive expertise in integration will ensure that your new, customized, digital solution is able to communicate with your existing systems.



We maintain

Optimizing and maintaining your digital systems and websites is equally important to obtain a satisfactory result. Therefore, we always make sure that your systems and websites run smoothly 24/7 through our automated monitoring.

Sectors we are helping

We work with institutions, funds, and trade unions, as well as both large and small Danish companies.

+ 10 million

People use the systems and sites we create for our customers each year