Trade unions

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If you are looking for experts in unions and digital transformation, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.
At Twentyfour, we love solving problems – and trade unions are no exception.
Trade unions work hard every day to try to improve the lives of other people – here is how we can help you help others every day. At Twentyfour, we pride ourselves on being able to find and solve your problems, so you don’t have to – whether it’s with a new and user-friendly webpage, integrations to increase efficiency or revenue, or even as simple as maintaining your website.
Manage your trade union’s time and resources better, by letting Twentyfour help out with development, integrations, and maintenance.

Here are some examples of how we have, in the past, helped other trade unions such as CS, BUPL, and other trade unions.


Public institutions

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It’s all about secure identification software, a user-friendly interface, and cybersecurity.
When it comes to public institutions, Twentyfour has years of experience. We offer simple and easy solutions that focus on the user experience and navigation on the site. No matter which solution you need, we guarantee high security and you can be sure that we will identify and develop the best digital solutions. When it comes to the security of identifications, financial statements, and confidential documents, both private or public, it is of the utmost importance to offer a secure site with proper NEM-ID or other solutions.

Do you work in one of the following sectors: bank, hospital, government branch, political party, school, police, or a health clinic – then Twentyfour can help create the best and most secure solutions for you.

To get a better idea of what we can do – take a look at our previous work with some public institutions: Institute of Arbitration, The Danish National Archives, The Rigshospital in Denmark, and Denmark’s National Bank.


Funds and institutes

Take a look at how we can help

The task of managing, controlling, or administrating a fund or institute requires a wide overview of daily tasks and operations, and not even the smallest task can be overlooked.  How about some help with your webpage? How do your customers see you and what can we do to help create a better user experience for your users and potential customers? At Twentyfour, we feel confident that whatever fund or institute you are working for, we can find a solution that fits perfectly in order to help you.

Integrations for bookkeeping, financial management, project- or service management, and more – we have the solution, as well as the option to customize it for your specific needs. We offer you to co-operate with us in developing your website to make sure we create the exact solution that fits your needs. Afterwards, and if you want us to, we handle all maintenance – to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible at all times.

Do you want to get a better idea of what we can do? Take a look at some of our previous work with some amazing clients such as: DKPTO, Pengeuge Finans Denmark, The Danish Rigsarkivet, and Amnesty International Denmark.


We are here to help you

At Twentyfour we offer integrations, maintenance, and development that fit your personal needs. With our solutions, you get a responsive and secure website, so you can focus on other more important things going on within your business.

In today’s business, there are a lot of things that need to be overseen – and nothing, or no one, can be overlooked. We can help by taking some of the workloads, so you can focus on doing the things that create value for your customers – then we’ll make sure that they can enjoy your user-friendly website.

With everything going online nowadays, it’s important that your website is also responsive to mobile devices as well as computers and tablets. This makes it possible for your customers on the go to experience the same user-friendly experience on all devices.

A customized digital solution – just for your organization.


It all starts with the website

Your website is likely to be the first encounter you have with your customers - make it count!

At Twentyfour, we deliver and maintain websites and webshops for a number of businesses and tourism organizations (both B2C and B2B). We have worked with more than 600 happy customers and specialize in developing responsive websites and webshops that are fully integrated with the business’ ERP/accounting system, storage system, CRM/customer system, and so much more.
We are more than happy to suggest one or several solutions.



Sectors we are helping

We work with institutions, trade unions, as well as other both large and small Danish companies.


Let us develop your responsive website

If you need help with developing your website or webshop (either B2C or B2B) and you are looking for a JavaScript developer or if you need assistance in jQuery, Angular, AJAX, JSON, XML, or Node.JS, just contact us. We can also assist you in connecting your newsletters to your website.

Many years of experience with developing corporate websites have brought us closer to delivering the perfect digital solutions both for you and your customers.

No matter if your company is a start-up and needs a simple website or if your company is well-established and needs a more complex website with system integrations, we are more than eager to help you.