Minimize internal resources and improve communication

With self-service systems, you can improve communication with customers, employees, and/or business partners whilst minimizing the internal resources associated with communication.

A self-service system is a tool that gives your customers, employees, and/or business partners the possibility to find information on their own. This makes for a better experience for your customers – and it gives you the time to focus on other value-adding activities.


Integrated with existing systems

In order for the self-service systems to create maximum value for you as well as for the people using them, they need to be intuitive, match your image – and be integrated with your existing systems and sites.

Luckily, that is what we do best. We have helped businesses and organizations such as Destination Bornholm, Grøn Koncert, and various trade unions.


Best of both worlds

Self-service systems provide your customers, employees, and/or business partners with immediate access to whatever information they need – without them having to be in contact with someone from your company. Also, with self-service systems, it is possible to customize information to the individual, which creates a far better experience for the visitor on your site.

So, self-service systems will create faster and better service – whilst lowering your costs.

Sectors we are helping

We work with institutions, funds, trade unions, as well as large and small Danish companies


Trade unions, schools, and public institutions

We have helped trade unions, schools, and public institutions, including BUPL, HOD, CS, Rigsarkivet, Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, Højskolen Marielyst, Danmarks Nationalbank, and Copydan.


Tourism, destinations, event companies, and hospitality

We have helped tourism, destinations, event companies, and hospitality companies and organizations, including Greenland Travel, Destination Bornholm, Blast PRO Series, BCHG, and DR Koncerthuset.


Funds and institutes

We have helped funds and institutes, including Kirk Kapital, F&H Scandinavia and The Institute of Arbitration.

+ 10 million

People use the systems and sites we create for our customers each year