Amongst the greatest

At Twentyfour, we develop Joomla websites and integrate your business-critical systems. Regarding Open Source CMSs, Joomla is undoubtedly among the greatest and is being used by both Nintendo and the Swiss government.


Joomla for your business needs

Joomla is a wonderful CMS (Content Management System). Joomla excels in everything from small to big websites, and it is a great CMS for developing webshops – both B2C and B2B.

Your needs are extremely important to us, and we find it important to build solutions from scratch to ensure that they fit your needs and wants perfectly. Therefore, you can choose freely amongst our countless clever functions based on what makes the most sense for you and your business.


System integration for your webshop

If you are looking for a new webshop, we can ensure that it is fully integrated with the rest of your IT. Once we are done, all of your IT systems will communicate with each other.

So, when your customers purchase a product on your site, your accounting/ERP system, storage system, etc., will update automatically – meaning no more administrative busywork for you. And this is regardless of whether you are using Microsoft Dynamic Nav, C5, AX, e-conomic, or something completely different.


Are you looking for a simple and elegant website? Or a fully integrated webshop?

Then you can stop looking – you have come to the right place! We have a long history of developing clever sites and web apps for both small and large companies, and we have numerous customer cases that we are very proud of.

So, if you want a website or system as stable and beautiful as that of DONG Energy A/S or Grøn Koncert, call or email us.