.NET focuses on performance

We are certified in developing Dynamicweb, Sitecore, and Umbraco CMS. In addition, we have worked on several microsoft.NET (dotnet) based solutions for both large and small customers. Typically, our .NET customers want integration with external systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, or C5, which is one of our primary focus areas. .NET focuses on performance – and is also ready for both desktop and web applications. In short, it is an incredibly powerful language that makes way for countless possibilities.


We can code .NET all day

We work with .NET development every single day at Twentyfour. Most often combined with Sharepoint, Umbraco, or Dynamicweb development – or occasionally as a standalone app or for a campaign website. Our core specialization lies in the field of integration and we have developed ambitious projects such as HODDR KoncerthusetNy Carlsberg Glyptotek. We are very experienced in .NET and have broad expertise in setting up IIS servers.

For hosting development projects (version control) we use Basecamp, Git, and GitHub/Bitbucket both for .NET, C#, and PHP. It makes it extremely easy for you to follow the development of the projects.


Should you use .NET or PHP?

Both PHP and .NET are powerful languages that our developers use in their daily work. There are pros and cons to both PHP and .NET – developing in .NET is typically a bit more expensive than in PHP. It is, however, possible to create additional types of websites/apps with .NET as it is a language for both desktop and web.

Also, several of the major CMSs such as Umbraco and Dynamicweb are based on .NET – both of which we use frequently at Twentyfour.


Your project and your needs

Our years of experience with .NET makes it possible to develop several types of projects. We are very proud to have developed and implemented projects for GA-Import and Danske Vandværker in .NET. These are just a few of our many successful cases.