Cases - The year that went

This last year has been an incredible year for Twentyfour (formerly HTML24). We have managed to help more than 60 private companies and government agencies with the development of websites, webshops, web apps, and system integrations

2019 has been an incredible year for Twentyfour. Besides having developed many impressive and fully integrated systems to ERPs and CRMs, our main focus this year has been to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

This has meant that our clients’ webshops, web apps, and systems have been up to date with the latest technologies in digitalization and system integrations.

We have for example developed projects and established long-term relationship with the following clients in 2019:

Blast Pro Series

Destination Bornholm

DR Koncerthuset


Mond of Copenhagen

These are just a fraction of the customers that we have worked with during 2019.

Get future-proofed in an ever-changing digital world with Twentyfour

The digital world is ever-changing; even in 2020, the digital world as we know it will change. It is not just extremely important to have an eye on the ever-growing digital world – it is also very important to keep your company’s systems up to date.

Every year, new updates and new ways of integrating your company’s systems are developed. It is enormously important that this integration is executed with the business-critical system integrations that are relevant to your company’s needs.

In 2019, Twentyfour’s focus has also been on developing our integration platform. A platform that can bring together the component subsystems into one system and ensure that the subsystems can function together as one system.

This makes it possible to automate a number of manual tasks. Since integrations allow data to flow automatically from one system to another, thus, automating several of your internal processes.

To make a long story short

We connect your business-critical systems with your ERP, CRM, storage system, website/webshop, or other systems associated with your business.

In all these years that we have been working with systems and integrations, we have not yet found a system that we could not integrate with.

Multiple system integrations

A few years ago, system integrations would cost millions of dollars and be only possible for the largest companies. The integrations had to be programmed from scratch and were extremely rigid.

Today, with Twentyfour’s integration platform, you minimize costs and get a more flexible integration architecture.

Do you have plans to invest in a new digital project?