Upgrade your current system, including


three-column-icon E-conomic

E-conomic is used by both large and small organizations. Automate manual processes – let customers pick up their invoice themselves.


three-column-icon Microsoft Dynamics

If you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, C5, AX or 365, we can easily create a site where users can log in and download their invoice.


three-column-icon SAP

Do you use SAP and want your customers to be able to download their invoices themselves? We got a solution for you!


Simple invoicing

We have developed a system that makes it easy for you and your customers to manage invoicing.
Customers log in to a simple website with their phone number and a password.
Invoice and information on whether the invoice has been paid will be retrieved directly from your accounting system.


Focus on the right thing

Basically, it is a matter of removing as many time-consuming and manual processes as possible.
We suggest that you build a simple website that your customers can log in to.
Here they retrieve invoices directly from your accounting system. It saves you and your colleagues this time-consuming interaction.


Automate time-consuming processes

All Platforms

Works in all browsers and across all platforms – Mobile, PC, and Tablet.

User friendly

With a user-friendly and simple design, all customers can join.

Can be connected to

SAP, e-conomic, Billys Billing, Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, C5, AX & 365.


Noticeable difference

Do you know how many invoices you send to your customers monthly and how long it takes to find the invoice that a customer might request?

Customer interaction and searching in your accounting system takes time.

Wouldn’t it be easier if the customer got the invoice sent automatically or could download it themselves? The value is noticeable, and our online invoicing brought great satisfaction to Den Luddovne Bogholder, Frederik Sandgrav.

In Twentyfour, we have automated processes for a large number of companies, including DR Koncerthuset, Løwener, New Carlsberg Glyptoteket, The National Bank of Denmark, and the union BUPL, and HOD.

Get started with automatic invoicing by contacting us.