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JavaScript is the most widely deployed programming language in the world used by 9.7 million developers or 94.5% of all websites. JavaScript is essential in the creation of responsive cross-platform websites and web apps.



Why should you choose JavaScript?

In recent years there has been an explosion in design possiblities in websites. Websites are increasingly being designed to be vibrant and dynamic. A lot of this is thanks to JavaScript, together with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, which gives us some incredible opportunities in webdevelopment.


Advanced Web Development with JavaScript

Most modern websites uses JavaScript and is the tool that allows developers to design great websites. You probably already know a lot of the functions, like “buy within 20 min. 43 secs. and get free delivery”, or a chatwindow  which gives the customer an opportunity to chat with an employee/customer service.

JavaScript and jQuery can be used for everything from the functionality of a simple button, to animations, visual effects, interactive maps, dialogue boxes, video players and much more. This tool is an incredibly expressive and powerful language that dominates in web development, being present in:

  • Web browser (as Angular and React)
  • Server-side (as Node)
  • Robotics and game development
  • Desktop and virtual reality, etc.

Our website, and most of the ones we develop, uses WordPress CMS, but we are also experts in CMS’s as Umbraco and Drupal.


Responsive jQuery Development

One of the most outstanding cross-browser JavaScript libraries, jQuery, is available with lots of plugins, it is great for a wide range of SEO tools, and makes a website look more professional, in accordance to modern customer needs. Our developers are using JavaScript and jQuery in many of our projects:


Responsive. Engaging. Reliable.

Great front-end development takes skill, effort and passion. Here at Twentyfour, we are making sure of that, by delivering impeccable results. Our developers are offering exciting and reliable web solutions for business outcomes you deserve, continually working to explore new technologies, as well as CMS implementation platforms, and, of course, numerous JavaScript features.

We’re a company with a long list of technically demanding projects behind us, and we’re certain that we can help you!


Who are we?

We have delivered beautiful and sturdy websites to DONG Energy A/S(Ørsted)Slagter LundL’Oréal Redken.dkNJORD LawfirmGrøn Koncert, and many more. Our websites are always developed according to your needs and the mobile-first principle. Unless you wish for  something else, we will develop your website to be responsive and work across all platforms (PC, iOS, Android).

  • Dynamic and vibrant
  • Cross-platform
  • Tailored to you and your needs
  • Endless creative design options and possibilities

Are you looking for a JavaScript developer to make your new website, webapp og looking for assistance with jQuery, Angular, AJAX, JSON, XML, or Node JS, contact us on the form below and lets find the right solution.