Though banks’ IT systems were once immensely powerful, we’ve found that some banks are struggling with their current systems. Should the banks build brand new and expensive systems, or bring the old ones back to life?


Revive your systems with integrations and micro-services

In order to stay competitive, organizations (including banks) must innovate and incorporate modern technologies.

Instead of eliminating the banks’ current systems and building great new and costly solutions from scratch, we can create bridges between a bank’s older and newer systems.

Connecting or integrating the old systems (also known as legacy systems) to newer applications or external third-party systems will automate manual processes and improve the overall efficiency of a given department.


From obstacle to advantage

Integrating the banks’ old legacy systems does not have to be complicated. The cost is minuscule compared to building and implementing a new system, and risks regarding the sustainability of this new integrated solution are minor.

An integration will improve organizations’ ability to become more flexible and could reduce maintenance costs without risking disruption of the legacy systems. Moreover, integration will allow organizations to harness the potential of customer and transaction data fully and leverage existing data to unlock new optimization channels.

At Twentyfour, we have developed numerous integration and microservice projects. With extensive experience in integration, digitization, and automation of workflows, our developers haven’t encountered two systems that they could not integrate. We have also worked with third-party companies like NemID and E-signature to provide efficient solutions for our clients and ensure the best digital optimization.


Some examples of our work include:


What can we do for you?

Twentyfour understands the needs and challenges that the banks are facing in a volatile and fast-changing world. With the latest technologies in data integration, automation of workflows, and web development, we provide a new layer of agility for organizations. We plan system upgrades in areas where the most impact can be achieved and connect these systems with confidence.

By integrating new business-critical systems with old systems, the banks will be able to cope with a fast-changing and digital environment. This, in turn, will be able to create a culture of innovation and digital infrastructure that supports it.

We’ve built a myriad of digital solutions involving data integration. Contact us here and let us optimize your workflow.