Cases - The year that went

Time for a new website? In 2017, Twentyfour has helped these companies

Websites, shops, integrations, and web apps

2017 was an exciting year for Twentyfour (formerly HTML24). We have been developing a lot of exciting projects for our customers.

Some of the most ambitious projects that Twentyfour has developed include:

  • WordPress websites for L’Oréal, Glyptoteket, and DR
  • Full integration webshops
  • Automatic accounting
  • Automatic storage
  • GDPR task for Privacy Insight (PIINC)
  • Booking System for Bella Center Hospitality Group
  • Sitecore assistance for Ørsted A/S
  • Online suit designer for tailor Mond Of Copenhagen
  • Inspections tasks for the Police
  • Online web app for Rigsarkivet

These are just some examples of Twentyfour projects. Are you planning new digital projects? Then contact us immediately!

Choose Twentyfour and promote your employees.

Within web development, there are constant changes from year to year. It is incredible how fast the development goes.

In 2017, Twentyfour has focused tremendously on developing our integration platform called KOEBT. In short, the platform creates a connection between your business-critical systems, for example: between your website/webshop and your accounting, storage systems, or other systems associated with your business.

An integration solution automatically updates your accounting system, inventory system, CRM, etc. and keeps every system synchronized. In summary, an integration solution can quickly take over the tasks of numerous employees from the administrative staff.

A few years ago, this type of integration was reserved for only the largest corporations. The solutions cost millions and were hardcoded and extremely rigid. Fortunately, our KOEBT integration platform is not!

Integration solutions are smart, do not make human mistakes, and have earned back the initial investment at lightning speed.