Meet: Oliver Lauridsen

Meet our new front-end developer in Twentyfour, Oliver.

Oliver will be working with creating custom themes and solutions for clients, prioritizing a communication-forward approach to stay on track with the projects he will be working in. From time to time, he will travel into more backend-focused work, by working with KOEBT integrations and less frequently Database work.

Oliver will also work towards improving the workflows within Twentyfour’s frontend development team. This work is mainly going to be focused around optimising the development processes we use internally in order to improve the efficiency of our web team.

When asked what he does best within his area of expertise, he said:

‘’ I always try to look for improvements in the way things are being done, and if I see opportunities for change and betterment, I challenge the current ways things are being done and try to better them for everyone.’’

Moreover, when asked to describe himself in 3 words:

‘’ I am an extrovert by design. I am a summer lover and I deeply enjoy drinking wine in the sun, trying out new sports and going on ambitious hikes during heat waves, that often leave my friends in tears due to the sheer amount of blisters on their feet.’’ -with his sense of humour and ambitions, he is a perfect fit to our team, and we are more than happy to work with him.

Even though Oliver loves summer, Christmas is his favorite thing, as you may have guessed from the picture. He loves the coziness and happiness everyone expresses during the holiday and the way people smile when they wish each other a ‘’Merry Christmas’’. 

A little bit about his background, Oliver has studied Multimedia Design at EASJ (Erhvervs Akademiet Sjælland), followed by Web Development at UCL (University College Lillebælt) in Odense. Oliver has worked with several freelance projects concerning website setups, as well as an entrepreneur, creating brands and selling products worldwide. His work for other agencies was focused on React development and setting up support systems for businesses to handle their internal support agents. Part of Oliver’s past jobs was also the one as a home caretaker for the elderly, biking around Roskilde and making sure they’re bathed, given their medicine and have their social correspondence. We are very much looking forward to working with such a bright but also amazing developer!

On Oliver’s day off, you will most likely find him spending it with friends in the scourging sun, having some ice-cold drinks at a park or at the beach, maybe even playing a tennis match or hiking somewhere!

Welcome to the team, Oliver!