Loading time matters

Slow websites rank lower on Google, cause frustration, and lead to a higher number of potential customers leaving without engagement.  Loading time matters more than you might think and affects your profits significantly. With our experienced team, you can easily improve your website’s loading time, boost profits, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Appear first in the Google search

How do your customers/visitors enter your website? It is very likely that they will Google the name of your company, your product, or something related to this, and then come across your website on Google.

This makes it extremely important that it is you, rather than your competitors, that appear first in the search.

The same goes for your Google Ads. The ads should preferably be as cheap and effective as possible – and rank number 1 on Google’s search results.


SEO and loading time

We can all agree no one likes slow websites. As consumers, we have gotten far more impatient than we have been in the past – we like our information fast and available at all times.

40% of consumers actually leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, it is of great importance that your website has a fast loading time.

Second of all, Google will always prefer fast websites and will rank them higher on search results. If your website has not been coded optimally or consists of other heavy elements, your website will rank lower on Google, leading to a lower ranking. A lower ranking on Google results in:

  • Ads become more expensive
  • Competitors appear first in a Google search
  • Poor user experience
  • Customers do not come back to your website

Decreased loading time

Your website can be fixed to load faster. Some fixes are quick and have a major positive impact. Other elements are more detailed and advanced.

For AtWork.dk, we got the loading time down from 5.38 seconds to 2.26 seconds for first-time visitors on the site. For the second visit, we got the loading time all the way down from 2.92 seconds to 0.84 seconds. DOMContentLoaded went from 3.44 loading time to 0.71 loading time for first visits and 0.39 for second visits.

All this was done without major interference with the site.

Wondering how important those few seconds are? Just imagine trying to pay online for your transport when it stands on the platform already. A fast website allows you to give your customers better service and leaves them happy and trusting in you.


Part of good SEO

Improving the loading time of websites is part of good SEO – and luckily, it is very rarely too late to fix.

So, let us help you improve loading time on your website if you want to beat the competition.

We have developed websites and web projects for customers such as HOD, Unity Technologies, Dong Energy, Bella Centret, Folketinget, and many others. And we are looking forward to helping you with your site.

It is an investment with a quick pay-off.